Hi 37 year old Arthritis sufferer

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Already posted a few comments only just found the site. :D I have Gouty Arthritis which is now under control, Doctor thinks I also have OA and currently been tested for PA in my knees :(
Struggling with work at the moment in a great deal of pain. My friends keep saying "you can see the pain in your face!" and i have been told on a few occasions "that's an old persons disease!" :!:

looking forward to talking to people that understand what its like


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    :) thanks Pixy have seen your reply on the other thread thanks
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    Hi and welcome
    Sorry you are in so much pain, I hope you get some meds sorted very soon, arthur is not just for older people, there are quite a few on here with children, and younger people.
    Hope to see you posting more very soon
    You take care
    Barbara xx
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    Hi Lorica

    A warm welcom from me too.

    The people on here are very nice people, friendly and helpful too.
    Hope to see you posting soon.

    Trish xx
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    Hi Lorica

    Welcome to the site. Do join us on the other forums. We all try to support and help each other. :D

    That is a helpful remark from your friends, isn't it? :roll: I bet that cheers you up no end :roll: :lol: Oh, yes, "the old person's disease" - if only they knew. :lol: Do you inform these people that babes can unfortunately be diagnosed with arthritis?

    Look forward to seeing your name around the site,

    Look after yourelf,

    Elna x
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    Hi Lorica

    good to meet you too :)

    you are very welcome on the foums - people here are great -s o supportive and helpful...

    Some of us might be older - a heck of a lot aren't :wink:


    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    Welcome Loric, you will have a lot of support and help from the forum members, who are all great peoples. xx Bubbles
    XX Aidan (still known as Bubbles).
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    Hi Lorica and welcome to the forum, OLD :x how dare they i have r/a and people have said that to me too, I'm 41. Sorry you are not feeling too goo at the moment, look forward to your posts.

    ((((hugs)))) n xxxxx to ya all