Dorcas - why change of avatar?

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Hi Iris, why have you changed your avatar? It takes some getting used to, it is more radical than a haircut!



  • dorcas
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    Hi speedalong!

    sorry for the confusion :oops: although I liked the comparison to 'more radical than a haircut' :lol: ...if only that were true!

    this avatar is the one I originally had before webmaster gave us the choice of all the new ones....but I missed my little deer :( so decided to revert to original. :!:

    guess I just don't like change. :!: promise I won't 'surprise' you again.

    thanks for making me laugh!

    Iris x
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    Hi Speedalong just leaving a message for Iris but wanted to say hi as I passed :wink: Cris x

    Hi Iris,

    I like the deer better cus well its a cloven hoof animal (I have a lot of time for the ones that don't have pointy tails and horns :wink: ) She kinda suits you as well :lol::lol: ((( ))) and hope your bones are being better to you now? Cris xx
  • dorcas
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    Hi Cris,

    thanks for the message :wink: ....I am much happier with my little deer avatar. :D not sure why, other than it feels 'right' .

    I promise not to headbutt anyone or stick my horns where they don't belong. :lol::lol:

    Me knees and feet are feeling better since the IM steroid last week ....long may it last.. and I've got 'steroid energy' whoopee! :mrgreen:

    I'm having the left total wrist replacement in will soon be looking for peeps who can tell me anything about that . :idea:

    some of the other surgery won't be until the end of the year, at the earliest. I've got a great ortho surgeon who's decided that I'm a project and that he can rebuild me bit by bit.!

    How are you doing now Cris? I've been following your thread so know what a time of it you are having.....leaving (((HUGS))) for you to use when you need them. Iris x

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