muscle pain with joint pain

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i am new to the board , but i have muscle pain along with the joint pain. has anyone else experienced this ? thanks for any replies.


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    Yes I get this, when I have pain in my shoulders it spreads down the top of my arms as if its in the muscles, I think you'll find its called referred pain and is quite common in RA. You will find that if you strengthen the muscles they are better able to support the joint and the pain is reduced.

    Hope this helps

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    thanks so much for the reply. i sometimes wonder if some of the pain is real or just in my head. it is nice to be able to ask someone who is going through the same thing. have a great day
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    Hi Susan,Welcome to the forum. :) I was experiencing shoulder joint and top of arm pain and my rheumy consultant said it was due to muscle wastage because of the arthritis.I am now having physio to help strengthen the muscles again.Joint and muscle pain is all part of arthritis so exercise,even though painful at first,should help the joints. Breane.
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    susan3 wrote:
    i am new to the board , but i have muscle pain along with the joint pain. has anyone else experienced this ? thanks for any replies.

    Yes Susan the two go hand in hand sometimes.. I used to get terrible pain in my thigh and calf before my hip-replacement , all referred pain from my hip.. it disappeared as soon as the hip was done... I now get it in my bicep from my shoulder joint.. its quite painful
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    Hi Susan
    yes me too, get arm pain from shoulder and pain in wrist goes to my hand and up fore arm.
    i find it normally eases as the day goes on.
    best wishes
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    Hi Susan,

    Welcome to the forum from me as well, they are a good lot here.

    I get both and like you used to think it was in my head but its not at all, its real.

    Its hard when you first find out but it does get easier I promise you. Take care and sending you a ((( ))) Cris x

    Hey Page,

    (((( ))))'s and bubbles xx
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    hello yeah that happens to me when my knees are painful it very often goes up into my muscles above my knees and sometimes my calf's, in the past when i had physio it helped a lot when i had a massage although it was very sore to start with i so befitted from it and i did not have any more referred pain, so maybe that might help

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    Hi Susan - unfortunately - YES,

    Heat (wheat bags) help, massage, hot baths and physio/gentle exercise.

    Take care,

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    Hi susan

    welcome to the forums from me.

    I back the others and you too.

    Me as well :(


    Toni xx
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    Hi Susan

    Welcome to our forum. I have RA and yes I get muscle pain as well as joint pain,. Massage, and heat for the muscles

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    Hi Susan

    Echo! :D I use heated wheatbags and also do stretching exercises daily, exercise bike, and ordinary bicycle. Nowadays we are told to exercise and if in any pain afterwards, should not last more than an hour or so, or you know you have overdone things. Rest too, but not without exercise as well.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Hope to see you posting more,

    Elna x
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    Hi Suezan
    you never said what type of arthritis you have. Some types can affect the muscles as well as the joints and bones.
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    What is happening is that your joints are not as flexible as they should be, the muscles expect the joint to move and when it doesn't then you can have mild muscle strain.

    Another problem is that many people tend not to be as mobile as they should be due to the joint pain and then you can get muscle wastage over time due to lack of use. So a reasonable amount of exercise would increase the muscle and in the long term problems should lessen. Heat or cold packs on the muscle may help, but not the two together obviously.

    Joseph 8)
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    Hi Susan!

    With some of the inflammatory arthers you also get inflammation of the tendons in and around the joint which is very painful.....

    I get that mainly in my shoulders and although I can pinpoint exactly where the inflamed spot is it also feels like the whole muscle is sore and tender and the arm and shoulder become very painful to move. I find that heat and massage helps.

    best to get it checked out!

    Iris x
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    hi , i haven't had the time to get on here lately. thanks for the replies. i have severe OA , it is in both of my knees, hands, fingers, and back. doctors want me to go and have total knee replacements done , but i do not have insurance and living in the United States if you do not have insurance then any major medical precedure is not a option.
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    Oh Susan....that is just so tough!

    we take the availability of treatments and ops on the NHS so much for granted.......
    Your post has made me stop and think about how lucky I have been....and so ungrateful. :oops:

    I do hope that you can at least have the meds you need to limit the pain of OA? what treatment and investigations have you had?

    keep posting least we can listen and support you. Iris x
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    good morning , i haven't had any treatments because after doing some x-rays the doctors all agreed that total knee replacement is my only option. i take over the counter meds because i haven't been back to the doctor to get anything else , but it is ok because if i am having a bad day then i just limit what i do. my husband says that i am just hard headed , but i don't believe in giving in to anything without a very good fight first. everyone have a great day.