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I'm new to this i have rheumatoid and Lupus arthritis apparently its call rupus lol i have arthritis in all my joints. I am 19 i was only diagnosed less then a year ago and still trying to find medication that will work i tried methotrexate but my wbc went down to 2.5.
But anyway I'm just wondering if anyone else has got wee lumps on their hands or knees or even their feet and i'm just wondering if there is anything i can do or if they will go away when i asked my doctor he said they might he wasn't very helpful they never are any help??

Thankies xox :)


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    My daughter who is 4 has what the constultant calls nodules. She told me there was nothing that could be done about them but if they were sore or rubbing (she has them on her big and baby toes and shoes rub and hurt) then to put pressure pads (like you would for corns) inside the shoes so the nodule fits inside the circle.

    My daughter also has them on her elbows and nuckles and we think there is one growing on her neck but need to get it checked out. I was also told that they may reduce in size due to her meds or stay the same but they won't do anything about them unless it's causing her great pain which they aren't.

    I think this is what your talking about.
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    I am 17 and i have just been diagnosed with lupus. i have it in my feet knees and my hip. I have not yet got any medicine for it yet as they dont know what would work. i did ask my doctor what can i do till then and he said to me put a Hot water bottle on what ever hurts and just relax and watch the tv or read a book and it works most of the time for me but not always. i hope everything works out for you and you will have to keep me posted and let me know how everything goes.
    Rhian x
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    Sorry to butt in as I am not under 25yrs however I have SLE (a form of Lupus) and Poly Arthritis caused by the Lupus.

    Before I started taking different medicines I had these lumpy things/nodules. I especialy had them on my hands and fingers, inside of my nose and my elbows. The elbow ones really puffed out and I had a funny looking elbow.
    Sometimes they just disappeared and other times they left marks espeically the nose.
    I rub normal vaseline on them and they heal up quickly. On my nose, I used to rub a steriod cream however that just thins the skin tissue there and made everything worse.

    To everyone that has been diagnosed with Lupus and is worrying - please don't panic. It doesn't have lasting damage to joints and medicines can really work. I am only 39yrs and in March 2010 I got so bad I had to give up work and my boyfriend had to help to go to the loo, undress etc however when I started taking meds I really improved and have went from not being able to dress myself to now attending yoga classes and almost normal again.

    I had to really battle with the GP to get me a Rheumatologist appointment as he didn't take me seriously so make sure you stick up for yourselves and get the treatment you need to get backto normal.

    Good luck Loopy Lupus people - it gets better! Carol x