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Hi all
i've recently been talking to people at work, they asked me if i get any help financially. i said no and they asked why i haven't tried to get disability allowance. i suppose i'm in a bit of a denial really plus as i am still pretty mobile don't see myself as disabled.
anyway i decided to find out about it as i figured looking into it can't hurt. i've looked online and am very confusd about it all.
people at work think i should be able to get it as arthritis is classed as a disability but online i saw that even in the low banding i don't appear to qualify as i need no help to get around although i do struggle sometimes.
please can someone clarify it all for me?


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    Hi Loopyloo
    Im not too sure on this one as well I have just been refused DLA.Does it depend on what arthritis you have??? to weather you can claim it im just not sure.Sorry this doesnt answer your ? but im wondering the same thing as you.
    tjc x
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    glad i'm not the only confused one. I have PA, as i said before i am pretty mobile although not as mobile as i used to be and i do have days when i struggle to get around so much so that people at work have asked me before whether i am taking my medication, they don't understand how they work even though i have explained.
    hopefully someone on here can shed some light on the matter for us!
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    Hi Loopy
    I spoke to you on hello......If you go for dla you have to tell them your worst far you can walk without having to stop, do you use a stick... crutches go on the goverment wed site and then explain quite a lot.
    Barbara x
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    Hi Loopylou,

    Thanks for your enquiry to Helplines. Because applying for DLA is so technical we advise that people get guidance and help with the forms (and the appeals too) from trained Welfare Rights advisors - try welfare rights units in some social services depts, or a local CAB.

    We are very aware that the process of applying for these benefits may be tough, so the forum is a good place to let off steam and get support.

    I hope that is helpful


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