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Hi everyone I have got to go for a medical this Wednesday to see if am entitled to ESA, I don't hold out much hope,
I am scared stiff :oops:
Can anyone tell me if you can have someone go in with you,
or do you have to see them alone. I would feel a little better if my OH could come in with me
Sue x


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    Hi Sue

    I just wanted to send all the good luck I can for your medical. I have not yet had to go down the ESA as I'm off work & get sick pay but I'm dreading the day I do.

    Yes I do know you can take someone in for support. I'm not sure if they can take notes etc though to help with the appeal process which seems to be inevitable for most people.

    Let us know how you get on Sue

  • queenfan
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    Hi Janie
    Thank you for replying, my sick pay ran out so this was my only option, I am dreading going I just wish I could afford not to, to have some one decide if you are you are capable of doing things that you know you cant do frightens me
    I am frightened of pushing myself to the limit & doing more damage :cry:
    thanks Janie I will let you know how I get on
    take care Sue x
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    Hi Sue, good luck. It's a horrid process isn't it?

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    Hi Sue,

    Just wanted to wish you so much good luck and please don't let it worry you too much flower. If they refuse you you can appeal, not that that will help or make you feel better. I will be thinking of you and again good luck. ((( ))) love Cris xx