Favourite / and least favourite regional British accent



  • frogmorton
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    Think that Tone is a nice bloke

    very clever too :wink:
  • daylily
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    Lots to choose from, personaly my favourite is the Geordie accent, which sounds cool, especially the women.
    My least favourite is the Birmingham accent ( sorry anyone from Birmingham ) , really horrible annoying whine.
    Liverpool, not far behind I'm affraid, Oh I've just remembered I
    do like the Devon / West Country accent, really good.
    Which is your favourite, and no , I dont go around sounding like some Liam Gallagher clone, at least I hope I don't.

    love em all. real sad they're disappearing cos people move about more now.
    mum was geordie-loveit
    dad was lancastrian- love it
    me-hybrid-can be owt i want