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im purplelover , im living with arthritus in my sacrolitic joints this causes me so much pain and stiffness in my hips, knees, ankles that sometimes i struggle so bad to get through the day. i was only diagnosed a few months ago but have had many flare ups over the past 9 years where nothing showed on scans,xrays or bloodtests...
i also the added problems of 2 discs in my spine that are bulging and crumbling causing me more pain and limited mobility. i am lucky enough to have two beautiful caring helpful daughters 17,16 who make my day a whole lot brighter by being here for me when they can inbetween their busy lives. i try to swim as much as possible which does help the stiffness but it makes the pain in my back so much worse. im on betablokers for a heart problem and hrt because i dont have a womb,ovaries cervix or other bits anymore.... well thats me but i do my best everyday to smile and have a little laugh as it helps me. i know its difficult to do when there is so much pain and moving and trying to do everyday things makes the pain worse but we have to keep trying to be cheerful. would love to talk coz thats what i lack at the moment is company


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    Hi and Welcome I only joined the forum last week. Everyone here has been so helpful and reading through older posts can help. I don't have the same problems you do , I only started having pain earlier this year and was diagnosed with RA last month. Rheumy clinic and doctors have been very helpful and I've been lucky in that so far it has been caught before any damage to actual bones ( according to xrays )

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    hi welcome you sound like you are going to fit right in pop in cafe any time on chit chat for a natter usually some one about does not matter if you have nothing much to say even if you just want cow pats for your aching feet or a cuddle got a pool put in when was so hot lol (yes we are a little potty) sorry you have arther but you are in the right place for answers they know most things around here val
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    Welcome to the forum, purplelover, I am sure you will find it very helpful and supportive, sharing and caring, that is what we do best. The people here are lovely, if I do say so myself, :wink: I can sympathise with the crumbling vertebrae and I know just how painful it is. Come join us in the cafe, we have some fun in there, night and day. Take care, XXX Bubbles
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    Hi purplelover and welcome from me too!

    Sorry things are so difficult for you - but you have definitely come to the right place for company and support! As the others have said, do pop into the cafe on the "chit-chat" forum - wonderful tea and cakes as well as good company!

    Sounds as if you do really well managing to stay positive despite everything!

    Love Tilly x
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    Hi and welcome to the forum
    Sorry you have had to find us, but the people on here are so suppotive, we are always here when you need to talk or ask questions.
    Hope to see you posting more very soon.
    Barbara xx
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    Hi Purplelover

    Welcome to this site.

    Yep, you are so right, our pain can be very isolating no matter whether we have friends and family around us with good support.
    So, you will find this site very useful for handy tips and encouragement.

    Hope you have a decent day today.
    Keep smiling :lol: