talonavicular fusion

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Hi all

after some years of pain ! have been recently diagnosed with OA in both feet - in one foot so far advanced that the only suitable treatment is to have the talonavicular joint fused.

Am a youngish 50 year old who teaches full time and if I do not find a solution will have to give up job that, although drives me mad, I love!
I am worried about the procedure in general - slightly more so as I am diabetic which means my feet heal more slowly from any type of injury.
Have had plenty of medical advice but would really like to talk to anyone else who has had this particular procedure so know what to expect in the way of outcomes.



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    Welcome to the forum, Lavender. You are best to copy and paste this posting on the Living with Arthritis zone as more peeps look in on there and hopefully someone will be able to help you with this. :)

    Elna x
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    I concur with elna - that's where people tend to be and I am sure someone can help. I'm afraid I can't as I don't have the same condition. Post about other things too tho - we like new voices! I wish you well. Dreamdaisy
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    I forgot - ring the helpline team during office hours - they may have information that we don't. DD
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    Hello and a belated "welcome" from me too. I don't have any knowledge of this procedure but hopefully by now you will have had a response on LWA from someone else who has.
    Love Tilly x