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hi all ,in my last thread i said that i had just come back from jordan's appointment and they gave him xray's and steroids well i have just had a call from his consultant to say that he is organising another mri scan because alot more deteriation has shown on his xray he has now prescribed codiene as well as the steriods so that it will help with his pain :shock: . He wanted my holiday dates as he said he would mark it urgent poor little thing i don't know how much more he can take i hate this desease.


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    Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope the codeine helps with the pain, and that they manage to get the arthritis under control too.

    I hate it too. It's a revolting disease at any age but seeing children suffer is the pits.
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    HI Jordan'smum

    sorry things are so bad for Jordan right now ..... and I really do know what you mean about hating the disease at times ..... but at least he's got a dedicated Rheumy team who are doing everything they can to get on top of things for him

    I really hope that the steroids will help a lot .... when I've taken them they have really helped my joints. Unfortunately my body didn't appreciate their side effects so I don't take them now :(

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    Hi, I hope that the codeine helps and enables Jordan to enjoy his holiday. Had the doc given him meds to counteract constipation as this can be an unpleasant side effect and you don't want to add to his problems. Hope MRI date comes through soon. Arthritis is an evil disease isn't it.

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    cheer's speedy will keep an eye open for the constipation it's a good job he's young and doesn't have to pay for all his meds his baggage allowence will be taken up with all of them lol :wink:

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