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My name is Cat i'm 33 and my partner nikki is 39 and she's just been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, osteopenia and also suffers with tendonitis...... it affects all her joints.... bless her she's one big pain from head to toe atm and rattling while she walks with the amount of meds she's trying out... we are just at the stage where we are working on what she needs and what help we can get..... Looking forward to getting to know you all.....

Best wishes
Cat xx


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    Hi Cat and Nikki

    Welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear about Nikki. She has got quite a diagnosis there. I do hope that she has a sympathetic doctor. I presume she is on painkillers and anti inflams...... Look forward to hearing more from you both on the other zones. More people hang out on the Living with Arthritis and ChitChat zone. If Nikki wishes to chat to someone, the helpline number is at the top left hand corner of the screen. Many of us on here have been helped tremenduously by calling that number.

    Look after each other,

    Elna x
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    Hi Cat and Nikki
    A very warm welcome from me, I have OA in many joints, but with the right medication I am getting there.
    You wont regret joining us, everyone are so supportive and friendly.
    Hope to see you posting more very soon
    Barbara x
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    Hi Cat and Nikki

    Hello and welcome.

    There are quite a few peeps on here with Osteo so you will receive many handy tips.

    Hope Nikki gets some pain relief soon.
    Carol :lol:
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    Hello Cat & Niki :D

    welcome to the forum. we're a friendly bunch and love to see new peeps joining us. :wink:

    Arther is a demanding condition and the forum offers us all a chance to find out more about the various types of arther, ask questions and give and receive support when we need it....... and have a laugh together too :D

    please jump in and post on the other forums.... look forward to finding out more about you.

    iris x
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    hi cat and nikki welcome sorry one of you has arther but welcome they know most things on her so feel free to ask what ever you need to know val
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    Hi Cat and Nikki

    A warm Welcome from me.

    You will find that there are people who suffer fron the same form of arthritis and they will be of great benefit to help and advise.

    The people on here are very friendly, supportive too.

    There is not much more I can add to what the girls have already said but wanted to say hi to you both.

    Pop in the cafe on CChat it is the most popular cafe cyba cafe around,have a cuppa and a chat with some of the girls.

    Will look forward to seeing you both post soon.

    Love Trish xx
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    Hi Cat and Nikki - can't add to what the others have said, but just wanted to add my welcome too! It's great that you are such a supportive partner - I'm so lucky in that respect too and it really does help to make things easier!

    Look forward to seeing you posting soon.

    Tilly x
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    Hi Cat

    Good to meet you :)

    I agree with Tilly I am glad that Nikki has you too :)

    You are BOTH very welcome on the forums and i hope to see you posting away in the future.


    Toni xx

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