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flippin hell there I was hung over from yesterday's sorrow/flare drowning season and still feeling bloody miserable when I thought!, "I know I'll get all those ripe tomatoes and some of me greenhouse chilli's and a few herbs and make a nice warm pasta sauce.
Well the first ickle lickle chilli I tried is a tad, well limp in the heat department, so i tired another one and hey presto the flippin same. So on to my other bush of long green Mexican chilli's, same again!, so I cut it in half cut one up and in it went, the other I slit and dee seeded and cut that bugger up and that went in to, then like an **** I thought?, Hmmmm I wonder if the juice on the blade is hot, so carfully I smeared some on my finger and licked it, big bloody mistake, it's so far taken 30 minutes and my temples still ache.
The thing is I have two really big healthy bushes of them and a further two big Dorset Naga plants full of chilli's, it's going to be hot winter round here that's for sure.
Oh one last thing I may well be getting a share in a bee hive in our village, hmmm chilli honey do you think it would work!!?? :wink:


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    I am envious. Who wants weak, limp, boring chilli's.

    I sympathise with you over your reaction to the chilli's. I burnt my lips with a boiling hot spoon and pulled all the skin off 2 days ago. I am still having trouble drinking and eating. I am having to dab with mouth ulcer liquid and that stings.

    Chilli honey sounds very interesting seeing as chilli chocolate goes well. You could start a new trend Mellman.

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    Hi Mell

    I love chillis, but you do have to be careful when you cook with them. There's some good recipes for chilli sauces on this link.


    If you get a lot of chillis all ripe at the same time, you could make sauces and bottle them. They keep for about three months.

    The honey sounds good too, but I haven't heard of chilli honey. Maybe you have invented something new. It sounds like something Heston Blumenthal might be interested in. :D

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    Don't scratch your bun, or take a pee until you have washed ok?

    Too late!!!!, no really alls well, oh Joan what I will do is freeze them then cut them when their still frozen, mind you those Dorset Naga are absolutely mental and can even burn your fingers when handling the buggers!.
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    My uncle makes pickles and sometimes he pickles chillies. As for as a burning member have you tried dipping it in yoghurt :?: I have been told it helps.

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    Don't do what we did once and think These chiilies are a bit small Let's put two in this sauce :oops:
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    How's the headache/ brain shock Mellman? I am still suffering with pain every time I eat or drink anything hot!