Reflexology and Hydrotherapy

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Evening everyone!

Well, today I had some reflexology as a lady who comes to work to do massage and reflexology recommended that I should try that as opposed to having a back massage... I've yet to feel any positive effects though. Anyone find that reflexology helps?

I have the first of 4 weekly sessions of hydrotherapystarting tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to it as I'm hoping that it's going to help me get some movement back into my ceased up joints. Has anyone done this therapy? How did you find it?

I'm still persevering with my normal physio exercising, but it is my knees that I still aching. However, thanks to the advice from you friendly folk, it is being manageable with heat pads, hot water bottles and wheat bags. :D


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    Hydrotherapy was lovely at the time, but the 48 hours stranded on the sofa waiting for my knees to deflate wasted what it achieved. Reflexology? It may well work for some things, but an over-active immune system? As the Scots say 'I hae me doots!' I have had reiki and reflexology, they did nothing for the arthritis but I did relax, much more throughly than usual, and that in its own way was a tonic. You won't know until you try. How's the new job going, alarkra? Are you coping with the sweats any better? (types DD, fan going full blast and towel to hand).
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    Hi DD!

    The new job is going OK thanks, this week was less overwhelming and gave me time to get on top of everything that the company does and I'm starting to understand how my boss works so I can then do my job better.

    I hope you cool down soon, I've been a bit better the past couple of days, but know it will all start again on Tuesday! You have my total sympathy.

    Reflexology - I woke up feeling the same as usual today. I conclude that it does diddly-squat to help so won't be wasting any more cash.

    Hydrotherapy - I have got a a point that I love and hate my physio / hydro as it gives me a chance to be open about my RA and people are so wonderfully paitient with me. But the downside is that it reminds me how bad I actually am and also how painful it feels afterwards as it takes an hour for the aching to set in afterwards. I see it as a necessary evil and am hell-bent on getting better and regaining movement, so it's the only way. I'm currently lying in bed with my hot water bottle and wheat bag on my knees. The upside - have you looked outside at the weather today?! It's kinda nice to cosy up in bed ignoring the howling wind and rain.
    :D I'm going to have to take a nap, it's taken a lot out of me and it was a very early start!
    :P :P
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    It is important to keep the joints as flexible as possible, I got so tired of docs telling me that, what they never saw was the ballooning after and the 48 hours plus of not being able to move. One has to strike the right balance for oneself, and it takes time to learn what that is. Remember they don't feel what you feel! You take care, keep warm, we have no rain (yet) but it is windy! Your dripping DD
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    HI Alarka,

    I think reflexology is one of those things that works for some, not others ...

    Personally I would rather have a back massage.

    Hydro - agree with DD - feels great at the time, you pay later.

    Good for increasing range of movement and increasing strength. Did help me, as long as didn't over do it!!