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Hello everyone

this is all very new to me also, so is my diagnosis. This came via a vague telephone call from my GP advising of a degenerative form of arthiritis in feet and hands. The first diagnosis of moderate arthritis in my neck came after l chased the GP for weeks before he realised he had forgotton to enlighten me of this diagnosis..............
As l am crrently receiving accupuncture on a weekly basis, and my GP has no interest of this............. plus the consultants remark on question of a diagnosis was 'oh you're so similar to my wife in condition'.......... l figure l am in need of changing my GP's and seeking a second medical opinion from another consultant in this field.

Currently l am feeling low, and yet hopeful when l found this site.
Its been a 13 year treck of pain and ignorance from those in positions of medical expertise; l find l am weary and teary.

Likew the song says............. it can olly get better!
:wink: and every lining has a silver cloud! lol

Regards to all.


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    Well, hello to you and welcome!

    If you read round the forums a bit you will see that many of us here have waited years for a 'proper' diagnosis. Although I have had some forms of arthritis for many years I am still 'query' a couple of others!

    It is often a case of pushing and shoving and indeed, sometimes even shouting.......there are so many people out there all vying for attention. Second opinions are your right, so chase it up if you need to.

    This is a good place to have found, we answer most questions from silly to serious - there is almost always someone who has been there, done that and worn out the T shirt. So ask away if you think we can help. Drop into Chit Chat for a bit of light relief, or a cuppa and a bit of cake in the cafe!

    Hope to see you around.......

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    A warm welcome fom me too

    This is a wonderful site and the members are very friendly. They are also very supportive, something you could do with.

    Most arthur, as he is called on her questions are asked on LWA. Although some are asked on CChat in the cafe we talk about him too but in a more upbeat way. Pop in have a cuppa the peeps in there are very nice.

    It sounds as if you need a second opinion doesn't it? You being teary does not surprise me. It is a lot to take in. Well you are with people who can undestand you now.

    If you have query or questions you an also ask the HelpLine, they are very nice and helpful too. I would advise you to download some of the leafleta that ARC have on here that will be helpful to you too.

    Well I hope we see you posting soon

    Love Trish xxx
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    Hi sunny_dayz
    A very warm welcome to the forum, I have found out more from this forum, then I ever did from my GP.
    You will find everyone so supportive, I do hope to see you posting more very soon.
    Barbara x