The art of Banksy

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What do you think of the art work of Banksy, the graffiti artist who likes to remain anonymous :?: Scroll down on this link to see his work.

I think some of these are very clever and funny.

Joan :D


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    Thanks for this Joan, its fab, really enjoyed looking at it xxx
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    they're brilliant.
    art for the people. very clever and funny :D
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    thanks joan

    I thought they were brilliant too

    Juliepf x
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    I like his sense of humour

    In august he did one on the seafront in the town where I live. It was excellent. It was a little girl building sandcastles on the beach and the sand castles all have t*sco on them. The reason for that is they built the biggest one here 2 years ago.

    I hate going to t*sco with a passion and don't agree with how they have invaded the market and the loss of a lot of little grocer shops. So he was spot on. It has been covered with perspex and a lot of people came to see it.

    Some good press for Hastings as we get so much bad national press.

    Fayann xxx
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    Hi Joan,

    I like it and he has settled down now and tries to brighten up the drudge of inner cities. He is good as well :wink:

    There is another one can't think of his tag but he is coming along nicely and might get as good or even better.... He tends to do black rights a bit but personally I can support that one.

    Hope your doing ok and purrs t Tommy from this lot who actually have a bit of sun... but a swamp outside the door :lol::lol::lol: The lodgers are going soon the mud wont be :lol::lol::lol: (((( )))) Cris xx
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    Has anyone ever heard of this artist who creates 3D street paintings? I think they're excellent.

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    i'm from Bristol originally and I have always loved his stuff - the naked man on the sexual health clinic is inspired :lol:
    There is one on a wall just by my brothers flat - I presume that as its been there a while that the council have deemed it ok
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    Hi Joan
    I love them, can you imagine if they where on canvas and he could sell them, he would be worth a fortune, but I don't think he is interested in the money side.
    Barbara x
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    ninakang wrote:

    Has anyone ever heard of this artist who creates 3D street paintings? I think they're excellent.


    Hi Nina

    Thanks for posting this. The 3D effects are amazing :D I had heard of Edgar Meuller before. There's a video of him creating his picture of The Crevasse on this link. Fascinating stuff :!: I love anything like this.
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    delboy wrote:
    Animated graffiti.

    7 minutes long but well worth watching IMO.

    Thanks for this Del. I enjoyed watching the Animated graffiti. It was very surrealistic, and cleverly done. It was rather disturbing in places, especially the creepy ending with all the insects :shock: :shock: Great stuff though :D