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Hello,just thought I would drop by and say hello.

I am 54 and have OA in both knees,well that is to say that is what my doctor thought it was when I saw her last week but I am waiting the results of blood tests and x-rays. The doctor put me on ARTHROTEC 3 times a day and it has helped.
I also have very sore feet,wrists and both shoulders but what is bothering me more than anything is the feeling of total tiredness.

I should probably post on the LWA board but just wanted to say hello first.
bye for now K.


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    Hi katie23 and welcome to the forums. You will probably get a better response on LWA, more people look in on there than here. I can't help on the OA front, I have PA and take some fairly strong meds but I do understand the tiredness part very well indeed. I won't think about when I last had some energy - I can remember it clearly and it's distressing so it's best to ignore it! :D Have a look round and I hope to see you posting soon. I wish you well. DD
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    Thank you for the welcome,
    I will indeed post on the LWA board as I have so many questions see you on the other boards and thanks again
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    Hello Katie
    And a very warm welcome from me, you will find everyone so supportive , so you just jump in with your questions.
    Barbara xx
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    Thank you Barbara,
    it means alot to know that the people on this forum are so supportive.
    Off to the LWA board now
    thank you for your welcome
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    Hi katie

    Have alreday 'met' you on LWA I think, but just wanted to had my hello to those on here.

    HELLO!!! and welcome.


    Toni xx

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