Happy Christmas All

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Hi All,

Well sooner or later they would have to show they can be reindeer.....


You all enjoy your selves and its been a pleasure to know you all.

This, by the way, is her ladyship...... not as much a snot monster as me any more :lol::lol:

You all take care and many thanks. Love Cris and the Employers xxx


  • bertyboy
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    Merry Christmas to you to Cris and all fur, feathers ,and the wooly ones , her ladyship looks delightfull x:D take care stay safe and have a good Christmas xx
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    Happy Christmas to you too, dear skezier. I hope you have a good festive time - keep warm and keep getting better, please! DD


    I just checked again - my eyes weren't deceiving me! Wonderful! Please give a hug from me.
  • julie47
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    x:lol: Oh skezier that made me smile thank you
    She looks just the part, bless

    You take care and thankyou for giving me your wonderful advice and encouragement since i joined.

    Have a lovely christmas

    I notice bully wasn't up to dressing up then x:lol:

    Love Juliepf x x:D
  • frogmorton
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    OH CRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bless their little cotton.....


    She looks so proud!



    toni xx

    PS give them all a Christmas hug from me (for those of you who don't know them.....you CAN!)and the girls here
  • barbara12
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    Hi Cris
    Awwww i love it...give a big hug from me...and you have A GOOD CHRISTMAS...but more then that take care... keep warm ....Hope everything improved for you in 2011...thank you for all the support and laughs you have given.
    Barbara xxx
  • tjt6768
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    Merry Christmas from me too Cris...
    Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow..

    Same to everybody on here, I'm so happy I found this place, keeps me sane, well almost, lol

    :)) :)) :)) :)) x:mrgreen: x:mrgreen:
  • dachshund
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    Hi Cris.
    Thank you for your help over the year.
    have a lovely christmas and a good new year
    to you and all the sheep horses and dogs and cats.
    and anything else i missed.
    take care. joan sue xx
  • tillytop
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    Hello Cris

    What a WONDERFUL piccy!!!

    Happy Christmas and a special nudge from the deer (who, with his friends is getting ready for tonight's sleigh pulling duties!)

    Lots love

    Tilly xxx
  • magenta
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    Hi Cris,
    Very cute, my wee girl wants one!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy New Year x:rudolf
    Eileen xx
  • chris7
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    Hi Cris and everyone x:D

    Just snatching a minute to say a quick hello and send you all best wishes for tomorrow. Hope you don't mind me sneaking this in here Cris. Do hope you all have a good day and that family all managed to get where they should be inspite of the weather!! I am enjoying the company at my sis's and both the older nieces managed to get home though had to leave their "snowed in" cars and come by train.

    Love the photo Cris, do hope you can have a good day tomorrow and that the New Year is a much better one than the way this year has ended. Love and warm Christmas wished Cris to you and all the critters, take care.
    love and sleigh fulls of hugs (((( ))))
    Chris and Carol
  • suncatcher
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    Must be nice to have a real barn Cris with all your animals. Watch out for a very pregnant lady and a man called Joseph on a donkey. Its gonna be quite a night :))
    Have a lovely Christmas Cris

    PS Yasmin has a new tent to sleep in. I think she prefers the Xmas tree and
    knocking our decorations off for the fun of it :))
  • psyart
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    Hi Cris

    have a good time over next few days :?: :!:

    and take care of yourself ~ tis sooo cold over here x:!:

    hope you have a better year and dont suffer so much :!:

    loads hugs and support

    louise xx
  • jean123
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    Merry Christmas to Cris and the employers.

    Jean and the forum team

    x:D x:D x:D x:rudolf x:rudolf x:rudolf
  • minky67
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    Xmas hugs to you & the lodgers.
    luv debs
  • frogmorton
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    HEY Chris7

    Have a lovely Christmas to you too


    Hope this next year is kinder than this year has been eh?


    toni xx
  • tillytop
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    Just popping in to say "hello" Cris and to let you know that Santa has reported back that the deer and the sheepsies did a wonderful job pulling the sleigh last night. x:D

    Thinking of you.

    And "Happy Christmas" to Chris7 too!

    Lots love Tilly xxx x:rudolf
  • skezier
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    Hi Berty, DD, Julie, Barbara, Tony, Joan and Sue, Eileen, Chris, Joanne, Jean, Loise, Tilly and All,

    Hope you have all had a good day :grin: Its been nice eh?!

    Eileen they make wonderful animals... but..... they grow big ad strong! h and they don't have zips :lol::lol: She might just want a lamb :wink: Toni and her family meet them and will confirm this one is a right little madam :lol: (she is her mummy's spoilt brat! I tend t have this ability to create monsters :lol::lol: )

    Hope your feeling a bit better and that this weather will warm up for you soon though I still feel cheated.... we don't get the right kind of snow and I just wan to do a snow angel :lol::lol: Will have to pop up :wink: (((( )))) and a bucket of hopes xx

    Oh Joanne..... I sent them to your chicken house... didn't you notice?! :lol::lol:

    I kinda wish I had a donkey... for 2 reasons but one is they are meant to kneel at midnight Christmas ever.... I wonder if they do?

    Hope you had a really nice day and leaving you a (((( )))) xx

    Tilly this one here is now a fully trained up member of the sleigh brigade.... and said she got the paper work to prove it :wink:

    She is actually the one I thought least likely to 'play the game' with her antlers yet here she is loving it actually.....Maybe she cam try her hand at being the Easter Bunny :lol: Mind she got some sweet tooth and would eat all the eggs....

    Long ago my life really feel apart and Wish and I shared some Easter eggs.... Never will admit how many but I really was falling apart..... Sat n the bales and her jumping at me... she was young then. I felt sick and she got nasty :lol::lol: Begrudged me every bit.....

    Her sisters are much 'nicer' over chocolate..... and should you feed sheep it in the first place.....

    Hope you had a good day my friend. (((( )))) xx

    Happy Christmas Chris and please belt me with the lump hammer..... (((((( ))))))) xxxx

    Louise...... you had it rough oer there flower and they say there might be another hit tomorrow.... lets hope not cus this lot here isn't shifting out and I don't want more..... :lol::lol:

    If you boy was working over Cristmas please hank him... I know I moan about the highways but they have really treated the A30 and sine I loiter on it so much I do appreciate it :grin:

    You stay warm Maid and least this cold doesn't get into you bones as much.... Oh hope the little one is doing ok still? (((( )))) xx

    Barbra you have given huge support too flower... that's what is so good abut this place eh? The way we all muck in and help. (((( ))))) xx

    Jean might not be allowed but a (((( ))))) and wasn't it mulled mead you liked? Some Newlyn special for you :grin: xx

    Julie the girls have wonderful senses of humour.... so have cats and I have had to pick the tree up no less than 4x today... its now double tied to the door.... Thingummy is testing out if it works right now.....Hate them :lol::lol::lol: (((( )))) xx

    That's my eyes almost finished and the old pc is having a breakdown so leaving a bucket of hugs fr you all..... Have a good boxing day and could someone just hit the repeat button on the stereo for me please...... the employers said please don't :lol::lol::lol: xxx
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  • skezier
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    Hi DD,

    You about some late tonight flower......

    Hey Random was such a good album what ever followed would be a bit disappointing but there are a couple of track on for want that are good..... I like G and Stuff... either version and there are 4 on there...... :lol::lol: Then Strobe... well it kinda rows on you.

    There is a bang up to date new one ... its on my broken pc but thankfully a friend is getting the music etc off my old hard drive :grin: Will let you know what its called when I have it back.

    Yep field dwelling does have its plus sides..... few down nes though, side glance at a whack of snow ice.... open with whipped up gales as and when..... :lol::lol: Oh and how could I forget months of driving rain and swamps :lol::lol::lol: ((((( ))))) Cris xx
  • dreamdaisy
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    Yes, it's harsh, but could you live any other way? Could you be confined to a two-up-two-down-no-room-for-sheep-just-perhaps-a-goldfish-in-a-very-small-bowl-kinda-house? Nah. IOt just wouldn't suit would it? Yup, I am late and I am keeling over with tiredness but cannot settle. Have to tho, have to do it all again tomorrow - and that starts in two minutes time! I will be off soon. Sleep well, my lovely. I am now going to fax berlin (someone has to!) DD
  • skezier
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    Hi DD,

    Ah this way of life still fits me... just its got a bit bigger than it used to be :wink: Its probably helped to keep me mobile actually...... they say it has....

    just wish......

    sheep had zips :lol::lol:

    You see well flower and I reckon I need to be scat on the head with the pounder if you could just do that before you leave :wink: xx

    Oh forgot to say... forget Berlin.. I's off to Brazil :wink:
  • dreamdaisy
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    OMG. Sheep with zips! I an giggling fit to bust!

    Right, I have had a good burst of Massive Attack - Teardrop, Unfinished Sympathy and Safe from Harm, and I am now being Dusty Springfield - albeit slightly better than the original! :grin: I think a little burst of Jerry Brown will follow, followed by a return to either deadmau or some K&D - jury still out on that one. I am shattered but cannot sleep. Am very pleased that Mr DD is in another room. I hope you are getting some sleep now.

    Sheep with zips - wot are you like? Would make life easier tho, huh? Your life does fit you, it may well be a little large for now but you will expand to suit, all being well. . . . . it had better bloody be, anyway. Thinking of you. DD
  • skezier
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    Hey DD with this much cdm I am certinally going to expand :lol::lol:

    Only i can't cus, kinda thankfully, I feeling sick most the time... mtx tomorrow so that will really help :wink::lol::lol: Least it would be helping something eh?! :lol::lol:

    Love Massive Attack.... you can keep Dusty...

    I got something I will not admit too.. think Arthurian thing..... :lol: Used to work with a guy who looked very like the singer a well.......

    One of the most restful album covers... except the guy with the hawk.....

    You need more clues?

    Nope no sleep, my neck is dummy spitting like hell....

    Sheep with zips would make things so much easier :wink: W did this before and the down side would be if they learned to do them their selves... and buttons.... they would eat :lol::lol:

    Hope you get some sleep as well...... hard this endless not sleeping eh?! xx
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    HI Cris

    Oh that photo made me laugh too -she's so cute - thanks for that!

    Marion xx
  • speedalong
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    Fab picture Cris - happy Christmas to you and all the menagerie.


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