Hi I'm new to this - ankle replacement?

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Hello anyone out there whose had a replacement ankle joint, through worn out cartledge, I'm having one soon and I'm scared stiff!


  • dreamdaisy
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    I haven't had a replacement as I need at least 35 new joints (I don't think it's possible :smile: ) but I can understand your fear. Focus on the positive: greatly reduced pain, and greatly enhanced mobility. Modern anaesthetics are wonderful, you won't feel a thing during, you may feel a little ropey after but I am sure proper pain relief will be to hand (usually a morphine drip, well that's what I had after two open knee synovectomies and an ovary extraction - 3 separate ops, not all at the same time!) and you should be well-cared for whilst in hospital. The recuperation may take some time, and the relief may not be immediate, but that goal . . . . . greatly reduced pain, greatly enhanced mobility - make that your mantra! I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Jodie, just wanted to welcome you to the site.. I haven't had that op but there will probably be a few that have.. Try posting questions on the living with section, hopefully someone will pop along to give advice..
    Best wishes and hope to catch you around the forum, we are all here to support each other

    Be well

  • jodie1
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    Thank you so much deamdaisy and tjt6768 for your encouragement, it helps! I will be more positive!
    Take care.
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    Hello, Im new and this is my first posting. I'm awaiting a hip-resurfacing op for initially one hip but now two. In the longer run this will develop to the requirement of two full THR's. I'm also worried, but I'd only suggest you think back to how your life was before requiring this op; the things you could do to enjoy life compared to what you suffer now. You may well be back to an enjoyable lifestyle shortly!

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