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Can anyone explain to me how by spending £2million on a national well-being survey, the government is going to increase the happiness and contentment of the nation :?:

Apparently, it's the brainchild of government 'blue-sky thinker' Steve Hilton, who was also the driving force in the Big Society idea. It will ask 200,000 people to rate their happiness on a scale of zero to ten. Examples of the questions they will be asked are:

# How satisfied are you with your life nowadays?
# How happy did you feel yesterday?
# How anxious did you feel yesterday?
# To what extent do you feel the things you do in your life are worthwhile?

David Cameron insists it will also help strengthen the economy and aid the government in making citizens 'feel better'. I fail to see how this is going to help at a time of rising prices, government cuts, unemployment etc. and I can think of better ways of spending £2million. What do you think :?:



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    I think it is an absolute waste of time and money,
    Perhaps its the job centre that should be undertking these interviews, they will have more than 200.000 clients who will, I am absolutely sure will have no problems telling them how happy they are!
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    well it a load of cr** how can anyone feel anything but down with all the doom and gloom if they spent the money on something useful would do more good training for school leavers jobs for those who need them and help for those who need it not silly questionnaires but that only my opinion what do i know val
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    We're also going to be bombarded with adverts about the Big Society shortly, so I believe. More money down the drain :!: :shock:

    There's so many millionaires in the cabinet that I don't think they've much idea about how ordinary folk live. Maybe that's why they need a survey to try to find out.
  • valval
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    why do they not just give them a bus pass and make them travel from one town to another and talk to real people would be an eye opener for them val
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    I think it's a wonderful idea and really cannot wait for a questionaire to come through the letterbox....
    We are starting to run low on bog roll :shock: :shock: :lol::lol:
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    Hi Joan,

    I agree with you how can it work? I also am amazed at just how much money they will waist on something so stupid......

    Purrs to Tommy, Cris xx
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    It depends on who they survey.If they send me one I would just say I am mega happy but no thanks to them.

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    Waste of money they should spend the money on starting up business's to create jobs....idiots.
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    Im lost for words, its ridiculous.
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    WELL, I agree with all these posts but have to say it doesn't suprise me...

    After all the cutbacks at work and being told we're not allowed even so much as a pencil at work, it turns out our Chief has now decided he doesn't want a pay rise and he would like to leave the fire service 2 years into his 5 year term without forfeiting any of his (VAST) pension.

    The reason? Because he wants to join his brother in Oz to jointly run his company out there...

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    waste of money Joan :roll:

    Makes me so mad......


    toni xx

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    when did they start the culture of we can not do anything till we have done survey and had people look at it and tell us whet to think what happened to logic just ask some one who does know and save all the extra money we pay people loads to know these things use them or loose them as the saying goes val
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    joanlawson wrote:
    To what extent do you feel the things you do in your life are worthwhile?
    It has to be a 10 or you wouldn't do them. Empty-sky thinking more like.
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    If people say they are fairly happy......they may think that cuts etc havent totally upset people and make more cuts!! Tell em youre as miserable as sin :evil