Contact tracing?

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Hi everyone,
My consultant wants to put me on anti TNF treatment and gave me the choice of Humira or Enbrel, I went for the former and have to have some tests done before I can start. I had a lung function test done last week which was fine, and today I've to see the Respiratory team at the contact tracing clinic, any ideas what they'll do?
Thanks, hoping you are all as painfree as possible
Poppy X


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    I have no idea: I had the lung function tests, I think an Xray of my lungs but nowt else. Sorry, I cannot help. DD
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    Hi Poppy
    I cannot help here either as I am not on those drugs.
    It is a good thing that they are testing you, I also guess it could be xrays.
    Just wishing you luck at your appointment.
    Take care
    Juliepf x
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    I think it might be the TB 6 needles test to make sure you dont have latent tuberculosis. i know that is one of the tests prior to biologics?

    You should be finding out pretty soon anyway

    Theresa :smile:
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    Hi Poppy,

    I don't know for sure but just wanted to say i hope it goes well for you and they will soon start you on the drug. I also really hope that will work wonders for you cus it can some. Cris x
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    Hi Cris, Theresa, Julie and DD,
    Thanks for your replies and support, you were right Theresa it was a TB test, nasty sting and I've to go back Thursday to measure the reaction.
    Although it beggars belief that I'm sat there in the hospital waiting room with a family who quite clearly had severe coughs (and i mean severe) who couldn't be bothered to put their hands over thier mouths, I've probably picked up more in that waiting room than any other appointment!
    Still, all done now and hopefully that's it and I'll start Humira soon.
    Thanks again ladies you are all stars Poppy X
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    Hi Poppygirl
    Sorry I cant help with your question, but I just want to say good luck with the treatment...I really do wish you well with it.
    Barbara x
  • Poppyg1rl
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    Thanks Barbara, you are very kind, I'm off out with my best friend tonight for dinner, I can talk the ears off her re Arthur etc but it's good to talk to someone else who suffers from it and understands, so thanks again
    Poppy X
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    Well done Poppygirl for your needle you ahve been very brave.

    Hope you didnt catch anything :shock:

    and enjoy your night out!


    Toni xx