Sitting at a desk all day - any tips please?

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Hi all,

My job requires me to sit at a desk in front of a computer for most of the day. I struggle with seronegative arthritis in both knees and find it really uncomfortable to sit with my knees bent under my desk for any length of time. It eases my discomfort if I stretch my legs out straight but, even though I have an adjustable footstool to rest my feet on, this isn't the most comfortable of of position as it kind of tips my upper body forward.

Besides getting up for lots of little walks throughout the day, I was just wondering if anyone could share any other tips.

Kirsty x


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    Hi Kirsty :smile:

    My daughter has a back problem and the pc at her place of work has been adapted so that it closes down every 40 minutes for 10 minutes. In that time she gets up and does some stretches, walks about, or does something else, work related in that time. It is all too difficult to get up every 40 minutes even if you remember but this way, she has no option as she cannot use her pc for 10 minutes.

    Unfortunately she often has to attend meeting, some of them back to back and then she sometimes finds it difficult to suddenly get up in the middle of a discussion. :roll:

    She also had someone come in and assess her desk etc and there are files etc that have to be moved somewhere else and her phone. She is still waiting for her new chair.

    I sympathise with you, it is difficult for you and all those others working in offices who suffer with arthritis and other ailments.

    Elna x
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    I don't think there are any easy answers to this. Getting up and moving around is certainly the best thing to do, for the sake of your eyes as much as your joints. I find sitting very uncomfortable as my sacro iliac joints hurt all the time, as do my knees, ankles and toes, so I can empathise with how you feel. I find moving (although painful) the best thing. I am sorry I cannot be any more constructive. DD
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    Hi Kirsty
    This must be very uncomfortable for you. I think perhaps the best solution is to walk around for a few minutes as the others have said. I wonder if you rested only one leg at a time and kept the other down on the floor it would help. Your posture may even be better as both legs are not up at the same time.
    Just a thought.
    Take care
    Juliepf x
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    Hi Kirsty
    Sorry I cant help with your question, but it cant be doing you any good, your little walk about will help, I just hope someone can come up with something else.
    Good Luck
    Barbara x
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    I have exactly this problem as the majority of the time my job is desk based

    I get up an walk about a lot, coffee breaks are a must, wear no shoes in the office....(just makes me more comfortable and its a pretty informal office most days) , change position a lot but it still gets sore more than i'd like, i've got a footrest but i tend to sit in a slightly weird position with my legs propped up on my PC under my desk.....make sure as well as having a footrest that your screen is in the right place/ height to make sure you don't get a bad back

    I also keep a wheat bag and a hot water bottle in my desk drawer, along with a stash of pain meds, sweeties and other feel good paraphernalia

    I have a wrist rest and a fab vertical mouse too as I do an awful lot of clicking when I draw using CAD , still gets sore but its much better than pre the useful gadgets

    sorry i haven't got any more useful suggestions

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    Hi Kirsty, this must be terrible, I find it very difficult to sit at the computer for any more than 10-15 minutes at a time. I am retired, so I can potter as often as I need to, but I do use my wheelchair gel cushion on the dining chair, gel writs rests.
    Lots of arnica gel and everything else that our other lovely members have suggested, including talking to the boss again and letting them know how difficult it can be at times. They might be able to offer some extra support. I hope so, take care, XX Bubbles
    XX Aidan (still known as Bubbles).