struggling with uni+fatigue+pain!

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I'm new to the site, and I'm 26 and have been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis...not sure which type yet, but am being treated with hydroxchloroquine and etoricoxib. The rheumy wants to put me on methotrexate, but after reading all the posts about the side effects I'm a little nervous!
I just wondered if there was anyone out there who is also struggling with uni? I'm in my 2nd year of a BA English Language and Media degree, and haven't been to class for nearly two months now due to the unbearable fatigue and pain...and I'm in contact with the disability team who are hopefully going to help me to 'adjust' the pathway to allow me to continue but with less contact time, maybe by extending by a semester.
How do other people cope with uni+pain+fatigue? I'd be grateful for any tips!!


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    Hi SkinnyLizzie,

    Welcome to the forum! you will find so much help from people who have lots of exprience in dealing with fatigue and work stress. If you post in the 'living with arthritis' section you may get a few more answers to your post, as quite a few people read that section.

    I'm 27 and have psoriatic arthritis which affects my right side, from my wrists to my knees and toes! i also have raynaulds and spondylitis in my spine so bit of a mixed bag! Anyway i stumbled across your posting as i myself am currently at uni doing a dental therapy course. I can understand your concerns about the methotrexate, i am currently taking that myself by weekly injection. Having had both the tablet and the injection form i can honestly it isnt as scary as it sounds and it affects everybody differently - so dont judge it on other peoples experience. Also what works for some may not work for others so please dont be afraid to try new things.

    in terms of your fatigue and the support of the disability team, let them help you! i was provided with a computer and additional time in my exams so i could move around - they basically did everything they could to make the experience as comfortable as possible, and that was during my first degree eight years ago! i'm sure their help and support will be so good, you'll wonder how you coped before! you should never be ashamed of needing a bit of extra help.

    So if you are feeling low, stressed or just need to vent always check on here and if you need some tips on managing your course with your arthritis i have ten years of practice, so feel free to pm if you like.

    Sending you lots of positive vibes!!


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    Hey I am Laura and im not at uni im at 6th form and really stuggling to cope with the lessons and fatigue and the pain. I have just started methatrexate although i have not felt any effects yet as it can take upto three months to work. But it has shown up on my bloods so its doing its job, which is nice to know dont worry about the side effects it can work for most people and remember everything can have side effects. I hope things get better for you soon keep us posted xxxx
    loopy lou :)
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    Thanks Jenny, it's good to know there are so many supportive people here!
    I'm meeting with the disability lady and my course leader this thursday, so am hoping that they will come up with some good ideas!

    Hi Laura

    Sorry to hear you're struggling too :sad:
    I'm really glad the Methotrexate appears to be working, and hope that you start to really feel the physical benefits too. I've heard it can do wonders, so hopefully it will for you! :grin:
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    just looking in as I don't really qualify as young anymore (32) but you struck a cord
    I was 19 and in my 1st year of uni when I was struck down with RA
    It was hard very hard but I did complete uni (3 degrees in all)
    It took a while to adjust and I actually took my 3rd year twice but tbh honest although it was a terribly hard decision at the time it hasn't harmed me at all - I still have the same friends (and a few more) . I actually was one of the 1st to professionally qualify (I think the RA made me very driven)
    Don't be too scared of methotrexate - for me it worked very well once I got settled on it ( I started on sulphasalazine ....and muddled through various drug combinations) and helped me get on with coping with the disease....remember if you don't get on with it you can stop and try something else.
    Fatigue is a difficult one, I'm still battling with it these days (having kids presents a whole new set of challenges :roll: ) but I had to learn to pace myself, the disability service and constantly reminding my tutors of my challenges ( they weren't the most sympathetic bunch) helped
    Get people to bring you notes and record lectures so you can go through them when you're having a good moment at your own speed and having a break when you need to.
    Have you tried using a dictating software to type up your notes , it takes a knack but once you've mastered it; it can help take the pressure off fingers , wrists etc and reduce the stresses & pain which won't be helping your fatigue
    Sorry they are only pointers but you will get there...hope that you find a way to start down that path soon