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Hi, first time forum user ! Frustrated at being unable to control the pain of OA and get my life back. Has anyone heard that your BMI has to be below a certain number before you can have a knee operation ? I was told this yesterday by my Doctor and am totally gobsmacked by it !!
Am I being too sensitive ?


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    Hi and welcome to the forum You will find that we are a friendly bunch on here.
    No not heard about the BMI thing but suspect it is yet another thing to cut costs of surgery in the current cut backs!
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    I think weight is a factor for many surgeries now, especially joint replacement. I think they prefer people to be thinner to help with anaesthetising, possibly to help the surgeon with the physical side of replacement (it's hard work) and also perhaps to cope better with the rehabilitation: that can take some time. It can be hard to lose weight if one cannot move very well. I think with OA weight loss can help with both pain levels and fitness for surgery, but achieving it is hard. As for controlling the pain well, nothing really does. Pain relief is never 100% or long-lasting. One adjusts over time.

    I forgot - welcome to the forum, it's nice to meet you! The LWA is the one for all the meds/treatments/side effects etc questions, the rest are self-explanatory. I hope your day is not going too badly. DD
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    Hi and welcome to the forum..
    We are a friendly bunch on here..
    I do believe as DD said they prefer to operate on an average BMI as it is safer under anesthetic...
    As you GP advised you on how you can reach your BMI target?
    It can be quite hard at times dealing with the pain, we all can sympathise with how you are feeling..
    Wish you well
    Look forward to seeing you around the forum..
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    just want to say hi.

    i'm am OA bod and not been told about BMI although i saw a GP last year about the new pain i was getting in my hands and he told me to keep my weight down to relieve the pressure on my joints - i'm only a size 10! hubby was furious when i told him :lol:

    take care

    Katie x
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    Hi Dazzle

    Yes I had heard this my sort of FIL had to loose a couple of stone. Something to do with teyh success rate i think, but the immobility can CAUSE the overweight in the first place!!!


    toni xx