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Im not sure if there maybe something similar on here Ive had a quick look and cant see anything!

Im currently on ESA and have been signed off by the docs until April, I am not in a position at the moment to go back to work but was wondering if the JCP actually takes into account your condition and helps to find you a suitable job within your limits, or do you have to register as disabled to be able to take your condition into allowance. Or is it a case that if you put it on your application you prob wont get a look in.

Currently I have pain in all my lower limbs hands wrists and left elbow so my mobility is rather limited including using a zimmer frame and wheelchair. I just seem to be going out my head sitting around and would like to be doing something before my brain turns to mush!

I was self employed and had my own burger van but unfortunately I have had to sell it as there is no way I can carry out my duties at the moment I cant even drive.

I was working as a Property Manager before I started my own business but due to the amount of Driving and walking including stairs 100's of them I cant see me being able to return to that line of work.

Any advise????????


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    I have just applied for ESA..
    As far as i;m aware, if you are off sick for a certain amount of time you will be eligble to go to a work assesment where they will see if you are fit from work..
    If you go to directgov website type in esa in there search box and you can read a leaflet which tells you all about it...
    That might answer some of your questions..
    Let me know how you get on...
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    Thanks for that think im moving a bit too fast and need to get myself sorted first. Had a read of the website and looks as if I will have to wait for the 12 week interview then go from there! There just seems to be a lot of info to take in its amazing how quickly your life can be turned up side down in a few weeks!

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    I have registered myself as disabled as I found that if you want to get things at a reduced rate then you need to be able to process. I think it is a good idea to register as disabled as you dont have to rely on your arthur to get you through. If it is documented then you have a better chance of being considered and you dont have to explain things too much.

    I would however wait until you have got things under control and you are able to focus on a job. It might even be worth going on one of the Job Centres training courses to retrain for a job.

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