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Another question!

Although my aches, pains & stiffness have increased during the last month or so I've found by mid-afternoon everything kinda eases up - the niggles are still there but not as pronounced.

Is this what's referred to as 'morning stiffness'? It's especially noticable in my right hand which absolutely kills first thing in the morning but by bedtime is 90% okay again!



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    Yep I have morning stiffness which eases mid afternoon but as soon as I get tired again it attacks me with vengence usually around 8/9pm (looks at clock) Yay another hour yet :)
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    Yep Keith, reckon you're right. "Morning stiffness" can be a bit of a misnomer.

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    That'll be right Keith that's the stuff.

    Once the disease is under control you will be like me....ten or 15 mins and that's it :grin:

    except when l fare and then l can get 'stuck' after 10 mins not moving.


    toni xx

    Flo I love the bike!
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    I see..........

    So when I see the rheumatologist next month & he asks again about the morning stiffness I should tell him (I said I didn't have any last time).

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    I was told that morning stiffness is a bit like morning sickness in that some people get it in the morning, some people all day and some people never have it!
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    That is really interesting to read, when I am really bad, my 'morning stiffness' is there till lunchtime. It always reappears of an evening unfortunately. I always have felt silly saying it lasts so long, now I won't feel quite so daft!!
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    Same here, very stiff and painfull fingers in morning, does go for a wee while during the day but at night it decides to come back, can't remember the last time I had a good night sleep without waking with pain from either hands or feet.
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    Hi Keith,

    Stiffness and easing u til more stiffness at night is the nature of it I am afraid. Think with my rumo I tell him everything there is and he addresses the bits that are relevant so yep tell yours about the stiffness I think Cris x