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Grand dads nursery starts next week, he's nine months old and mums got to go back to work and earn some pennies. He's just started the muma, dada babbling, very cute! I wonder if I can teach him gan dad???

One half of me is scared and one half full of joy, he's started rolling everywhere, I wonder who'll get tired the quickest? He was round at the w/e and I gave him a wooden spoon and a plastic bowl, he can now bang the spoon on the bowl, his parents thought they'd better go before I taught him anything else.

Little'un walked in the other day, even brought me a custard slice, sat on the settee giggling with her hubby and announced that G/dads nursery will need to be extended soon. ...and the wheel goes round, nice in'it!

Never knew I was so popular.

8) Its a grin, honest!


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    Congrats to you and yours then... :grin::grin:

    Oh boy are you in for some fun... I know who my money is on to flake out first :lol::grin:

    Good luck Rkid :grin:
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    Grandchildren can be great fun,but the good thing is you can hand them back at the end of the day. :smile:
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    airwave you will love every minute and you will be fine.
    When he sleeps try to take 40 winks yourself. (if he sleeps)

    juliepf x

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