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Hi everyone

I have just joined and thought I should briefly introduce myself!
My name is Helen, I am 25 and have had Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis since the age of 3. I finished Uni last year and am currently recovering from an Ankle Arthroscopy.


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    Hi Helen
    Welcome to this lovely forum, there are lots of young people on here, so I really hope you stay with us, the information and support are priceless
    Barbara x
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    Hi Helen..

    Welcome from me too.,. I am 32 so not as young as you lol.. but i know there are a few ppl on here that are young and have done since an early age.. must have been a great struggle.. Well done going to uni..
    The forum is very helpful and supportive and good for a good old chin wag too..
    Look forward to seeing you around
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    welcome from me too Helen, hope you find this place as interesting and fun as I do.. :grin::grin:
    Had a few arthroscopies of the knee variety myself... Lol

    Be well.. :grin::grin:
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    Hi Helen, it's nice to meet you. I hope the ankle arthroscopy went well and that the recovery is going smoothly. One of our other younger memeber has just put a post about this op on the LWA forum - you may well be able to answer her better than me as I have ony had a knee one! I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Helen,

    A big welcome to the forum, you will find that everyone is very kind and helpful, you can have a laugh as well at Vals cafe, just general talking, if you are fed up you can post a really good moan and get help. You've found the right place to be. Keep us informed of your progress

    Karen xx :smile:
    Karen xx