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My name is Eirian, I'm the Young Arthritis Rep for the Chester Branch of Arthritis Care. I'm 40 and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid and Psoratic Arthritis at 21.

I am seeking to set up a young arthritis group in Chester where younger sufferers can meet up, chat and gain support in dealing with the condition. If anyone is interested, please pop me an email. I would also like to hear from parents who have young children affected.



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    Hi hope yo are doing well.I am 17 and have reactive arthritis.I am badly in need of your help.For now I am on DMARDS.Its very difficult to fight the depression which disturbs me eveyday.I want to know how you lived your life with it.I want to know about your experience.I would love to remain in contact with you.I really need your help
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    Hi Eirian

    I'm Steph, I'm 22 and I have had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 13. I'm from the Chester area and have been looking for an opportunity to be involved with a support group like this.

    Can you let me know what you have in mind and anything that I can do to get involved please?

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    Hiya Eirian,

    I'm Carla, I'm 21 and have suffered with Psoriatic Arthritis since 14. I live in Deeside but would be more than happy to travel. It would be lovely to share experiences and advice with others who know what it's like.

    Message me any info you have.