hello another newbie in lot sof pain

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hello my name is davina and i am 30 yrs old.
i have had RA for about 18 months, diagnosed June 2010 after tests
i am a full time mum to my very active 22 month old after not being able to work due to the RA, i worked as a waitress and as everyone know working on your feet and holding plates ect.. is very difficult so my employer has dismissed me on capacity's issues

due to my RA i am now using crutches due to my knees and the RA is disabling me and getting worse :cry: but i do try sooo much with my son and go to playgroups which he needs and people there are very helpful and i think every parent should try as much as i do (especialy when they are able to)

i have been taking meds which have done nothing to help so now i'm starting embrel next week which is very scary!

anyway this is a little about me and what as been happening

hope i will make some good friends and get good advice

thanks davina


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    Hello Davina and welcome to the forum. Glad you have found us but sorry that you have had too. The peeps on here are great and you will get lots of support and advice from others in similar situations.

    The Living with Arthritis (LWA) forum is the best place to post because most of us look there regularly.

    I do understand how scared you must feel starting Enbrel. I am just about to start Rituximab (another of the biologic drugs) and I feel the same way! Really, really hope it gives you some relief Davina. Please do keep posting to let us know how you get on.

    Love Tilly (another RA'er) xxx
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    Hello Devina
    And a very warm welcome from me, I have OA in multiple joins, but I am a lot older at 60, it must be so hard looking after a toddler when you are in pain.
    You have come to the right forum, everyone are so supportive, and you will make many friends
    Take care and I hope to see you posing more very soon.
    Barbara x
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    Gello Devina,Sorry you are in so much pain , it must be hard to have to look after a toddler with this horribe arther , I have OA and infamatory artrthiris , I am one of the older member at 61, . Hope you make so friends and get so help, this is the best place you could have come , i have had a lot of help and good advise from the members ., hope to see you around the site .................jillyxx
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    hi devina

    welcome to the group, im 43 and have Oa. polyarthragia, fibromyralgia, low vit-d and calcium and some would say a few screws loose :lol:

    you will find us a friendly bunch so i hope to see you in chit chat.
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    Hi Davina

    Sorry to hear about your situation and glad you found this site.

    All this arthritis malarky as well as the pain can cause isolation and frustration so keep posting on here to let it all out when you feel the need.

    Remember that some of the meds you are on can take quite a few months to kick in and start working IF they are going to kick in. It is unfortunate that it can take so long to try each med and I hope something starts giving you relief soon.

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    Nice to meet you - I'll be your friend :) xx