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hi all im new .and new to the internet . iam well be hined haha


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    And a very warm welcome from me, this is such a lovely forum, and we do all like to support one another.
    I hope you stay with us, and look forward to you posting more
    If you need any help, finding your way round please ask and I will be happy to help.
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    hi thank u for message me sorry my spelling is bad so i have to look up words before i rep to messages yes ther are some things i will wright on here . i have had arthirtis sins i was 14 my family would say iam having growing pains :cry: lol. i am now 48years and its been getting bad. iam now getting help and i have a good co worked to. she tould me about this site. and i have been reeding Q a lot of info and every day is getting better for me. one thing i like to change in my life is peaple looking and saying things like thers nothing wrong with me and look down ther nose at me . i would like to meet peaple of my age that understand and know the evry day probs we all have not just me. anyway i do hope you can read and understand my spelling thank you take care helen xx p.s can you put pic on here ?
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    Don't worry about your spelling, we can work out what you mean just fine. I guess I am lucky as my arthritis means I cannot walk without crutches so people can see there is something wrong. All of us on here have arthritis, we know what it is like and how difficult every-day life can become. Not many people look in on this forum, I hope someone can help you find your way to the Living with Arthritis part of here, if you post there more people will answer you. We can put pictures ( I have no idea how you do it!) but AC do not like us posting anything too personal. DD
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    I am new too it's hard if your problems not visible but if you know that's all that matters.