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I was diagnosed with Cervical Spondylosis a while ago. I wonder if anyone can recommend a travel pillow to help support my head. Early days yet I know but I have a long haul flight, economy class, in a few months. Thank you


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    What suits one may not suit another. It's best if you can go and try a few, see what the differences are and find the best for you. I had a sausage-type shaped thing, full of little polystyrene beads or summat, that moulded beautifully until it burst. Now I use a rolled-up handtowel on the rare occasions my neck hurts. DD
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    I can not help with which to buy but I have seen them in various shops. Perhaps you would be best to try one first.(if possible)

    Just wanted to say I hope you enjoy whats sounds like a lovely holiday.
    Juliepf x
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    Thanks for the replies. Sorry not being funny but it ia a bit hard to 'try' pillows. Obviously each to their own but I was after advice from people who have endured long haul flights and could maybe comment on the one they used. thanks
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    I have a heat-up shoulder and neck thing which has a metal thingy in click it and it heats up.

    I find heat on long journeys often helps me most.

    can't advertise it, but the two words it is made up of are there if you look :wink:

    also l take my pain killers with me.

    Best wishes and hope your holiday is good


    Toni xx