YAY! A New Knee with my Name on it

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It's arrived. :grin:
It's landed. :grin:
It's here. :grin:
I've had the phone call from the hossy. :grin:
I've had an MOT at docs and I'm all clear. :grin:

New operation date Wednesday 6th July 2011 …….and guess what, six (6th) is my fave number! :grin:

I'm now in quarantine with an 'X' painted on the front door to keep folks away so if you add to this thread please use anti-bacteria gel/rubber gloves and wear a surgical mask. :lol::lol::lol:

YIPEEEEEEE ! e035.gif


  • dreamdaisy
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    Oh legs, that is wonderful news! I am so happy for you, let's hope this one can go ahead as planned with no last-minute hitches and hiccups. Roll on 6th July! Woo-hoo! DD
  • tjt6768
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    That is great news hun..
    Don't worry, I am under my own quarentine.... Keeping well clear of any bugs etc etc..

    July is set to be a busy month on here eh?

    I am very happy for ya mi dear :grin:
  • traluvie
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    Hands alcohol gelled, apron on, mask on.. set ready go...

    Great news you have finally got your date :grin:
    Put a sign outside your house..Beware"Do not enter unless one has been scrubbed with Bleach" :lol:
    I hope all goes well, fingers crossed your lucky number does it's job and all goes smoothly..
  • dachshund
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    Hi Legs.
    i'm so pleased you will be going to the hospital with the biggest smile on your face. i'm so pleased for you.
    i will be there for you on the 6 july.
    you take care. joan xx
  • julie47
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    oh legs I can see by your smilies how happy you are, they made me smile.

    I am so pleased that your appointment has atlast arrived and that you were given the all clear from your doc.
    Dont worry I washed my hands before typing my reply and haven't coughed. :grin:
    Will be there in your pocket on the 6th
    Take care until then
    Love Juliepf x
  • liesa
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    Hi Legs
    good news hope all goes well for you xx
  • stickywicket
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    Hey there! Brilliant!

    I'm definitely germ-free. Alcohol does sterilise, doesn't it? (No, not yet, but in the fridge for later.)

    Couldn't be happier, Legs. Yes I could. With the current state of mine, can I have your old one, please?
  • tkachev
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    That is great news Linda. I'm so glad they haven't made you wait too long.

  • Poppyg1rl
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    Brilliant news Legs! number 6 is very lucky for me so have a good feeling about it all for you. Thinking of you X
  • Starburst
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    VERY pleased for you after the palaver of the last time! Lucky number 6 for you. All the best. ;) x
  • hileena111
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    Oh legs....thats great news after all the kerfuffle of the last one.
  • 80squeen
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    Great news! Will keep everything crossed for you! Very best wishes, Josie x
  • barbara12
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    Hi Linda I am so pleased for you,and I will be there on the 6th,not long to wait.
    I really wish you well with it, you will be a new person.....
    take care.
  • frogmorton
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    all clean???

    think so....


    that sign on the door was on my friends hubby's door when he was on chemo and l do NOT blame you....none of us minded and real friends will not mind on here either :wink:

    I am so pleased for you Legs :grin:
  • bobbyger
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    Excellent news Linda, hope all goes well for you.

  • lindalegs
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    Wow - so many of you replying and all germ-free I see :lol::lol:

    You all make me laugh and I've just read all your replies again before I go to bed.

    Sweet dreams everyone I'm off to get my health-fortifying beauty sleep now.

    Night-night. :grin:

  • madwestie
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    Legs Great news. i will make maddie keep her paws crossed for you so if you hear of a westie with a strange walk then you know who it will be.
    Oh and i have wiped her paws with a surgical wipe first.

    Take care of yourself now and you will be running before you know it

    Love Tracey
  • elnafinn
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    Hi Linda :grin:

    YAY :grin::grin::grin: So happy for you. That is not too long for you to wait and if you become a hermit, scrub and boil your food and drink and wear surgical gloves, you will be fine. I wish you all the very best and shall look in every day for news from you.

    Elna x
  • prefabkid47
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    Hi Linda
    Great news.............................. :lol::lol::lol:
    I know you will avoid all those nasty infection,we certaintly don't want a repeat of last time (I remember when I thought I had a cold coming 2 days before my op!!).
    Will make a note of that date and post nearer the time.
    This message is guaranteed bug and virus free (I had myself sterilised years ago........... :shock: ).
  • lindalegs
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    Thank you Del, Tracey, Elna and Ron. :grin:

    I received the confirmation letter today, just a formality as it was already arranged over the phone.

    I don't even have to have my MRSA swabs done again - thank goodness :oops:

    Off to dust the cobwebs from my already packed bags :grin:
  • elnafinn
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    Elna x
  • constable
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    Fantastic news and not long to wait at all. I am so pleased for you. Dont go anywhere, do anything and lock yourself in your bedroom. And then the mornng of the op I'll be back in your pocket with everyone else.

    Karen xx
  • lindalegs
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    Thanks Karen.

    D'you reckon I can catch a virus from the computer :shock: :lol::lol:
  • skezier
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    Hi Legs,

    :grin::grin::grin: So please it has;t been to long for you...
    Am shouting... with a megaphone from a huge distance cus I ain't germ free for so many reasons :lol::lol:

    You wouldn't want me to pop in then :lol:

    Hey the MRSA ones down here now are done up your nose and the back of your throat again lie they used to be... much better..... and well that says how bad it was cus u your nose with a two year old cold....... :lol::lol:

    Its its birthday soon... what shall I get it......I think a train set so its got transport and might **** off :lol:

    Sorry somehow this has become all about me....

    Leaving you ((((( ))))) and buckets of survive hospital food, anti-germ (its a big bucket and you could use it as one of those tent things) love and Haz has sent a bucket of slurps that you might want to get someone else to bin :lol: Cris who is wired cus may have taken one too many pregabs :roll: xx
  • tkachev
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    WellI've just started a cold so hope my germs don't cross cyber space. Maybe this is the left overs from your last cold?


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