Can I ask a favour?

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Hi all,
I such a lovely weekend, the foot still sore but not too swollen. And I started my 2nd anti TNF Enbrel yesterday, so things are not too bad.
However....on 9th July it will be my best friends daughters 2nd anniversary, she died aged 6, and I Childminded her from a baby.
this afternoon I have sat and gone through all my photos of her to pick for the order of service for her anniversary mass, a job her mum asked me to do. Ive also been asked to read, I'm not sure I can, but will give it my best.
It was obviously on my mind, because, I'm ashamed to say I blubbed rather pathetically to the poor nurse who came around to do my injection and I ended up telling her all about it, to her credit she was lovely, comforting and understanding. But one thing she did warn me about was, that I could risk a flare if I get too run down and upset...
I wondered if I could be cheeky and ask for your support and good wishes to get me through this difficult time and that hopefully I will respond to the enbrel and not go downhill :sad:
Thanks for reading, love to all Xxx


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    100% Poppy. I'm not sure how you're supposed to avoid being 'too upset' in the circumstances but you can compensate for that by not doing any more stuff than you have to which will give the enbrel a fighting chance.

    You will not be allowed to go downhill. We have a forum roadblock on.
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    absolutely without a doubt :grin:

    what else are we for but to support each other.

    last thing we want is you ill.

    Love and huge supportive hugs for you so that you can be strong and support your friend at this dreadful time.

    Toni xx
  • barbara12
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    Hi Poppy
    I will be you all the way, it will be hard, but you will find the strength from somewhere ,
    Dont forget we are all here for you, and I really do wish you well with the meds.
    You take care of yourself.
    Sending lots of my special good vibes//////\\\\\\
  • constable
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    Hi Poppy

    I will have everything crossed for you. Also sending you good vibrations and plenty of big hugs of comfort for you to help you through this hard time.

    I am sure that you will do a lovelly speech, I know it will be hard, I had to do one for my dad, but as I said you will be fine.

    Karen xx
  • tillytop
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    Hello Poppy

    You have ALL my support and good wishes. I really do feel for you Poppy cos you have been going through so much recently. I will be thinking of you on the 9th too Poppy - and your friend and her family.

    So pleased you have now had your first Enbrel injection which is another step towards helping you to feel better. I have everything crossed for you that it works well with no nasty side effects.

    Thinking of you Poppy.

    Lots love and ((()))s

    Tilly xxx
  • traluvie
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    Sending you lots of support and hugs to help you on your way.. As Sticky said it is inevitable that you will get upset, but we will help as much as we can..
  • kneegirl
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    Hope it goes smoothly Poppy.

    Praying for you.

  • suzygirl
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    Poppygirl, you have my full support. I am sure it will be emotional, but I will be thinking of you. x
  • valval
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    poppy we are with you and sending you positive thoughts to help you through this sad time you can not get through with out being upset a good cry never did any one and harm it gets rid of some of the stress just think of us giving you a big(((( hug)))) when you need one pm if you need some one to share with val
  • Turbogran
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    Hi Poppy
    I'm there 100% for you as I'm sure the other forum members will be too.
    We wont let you go downhill. you will no doubt get a bit upset as the 9th draws nearer of course you will, but think of the good times you had with this little one and i'm sure it will help. I'm sure your reading your reading will be great. and I shall be thinking of you and this little girls family on the 9th. if you need to talk you can pm me and i'll promise to respond as soon as I can. Sending you lots of ((((((((Hugs))))))) to keep you going
    take care
  • lindalegs
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    It is such a privelege your friend has asked you to do this and shows the faith she has in you.

    Be brave Poppy we'll all be with you and sometimes it's easier once we're coping with things rather than the worrying time beforehand.

    I'm sure you'll do your friend proud.
  • Poppyg1rl
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    Thankyou everyone,
    I'm afraid I'm a bit of a mess at the moment, just reading through your wonderful messages has left me weepy but very grateful for your support.
    I knew today would be tough....I didn't realise how raw I still am, I'm good a putting on a brave face in front of my friend and my family, but when you are alone and looking at photos of a healthy happy, cheeky little girl full of life, it's just hard.
    I know I'll get through it on the 9th, I'll try my hardest to read and not go to pieces, It brings back the memories of the funeral though...
    Still, I've got a great family, fantastic friends, and you wonderful people :smile:
    Thanks again for your support. Xxx
  • prefabkid47
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    will be there with you on that day.You wiil find the strength.
  • roses1
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    Hi Poppy,

    Sending (((( hugs)))) and strength will be there with you on the 9th with more hugs and support at this difficult time.

    You will need big pockets to fit everyone in and all the food they bring!

    Rose x
  • skezier
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    Hi Poppy,

    Will be wit you in spirit flower and leaving you ((((( ))))) and so much light. Love Cris xxx
  • julie47
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    Morning poppy

    Sending you hugs (((())) and strength to get you through this terribly tough time and through your speech.
    Take care
    Love juliepf x
  • mig
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    Hi Poppy,You will not blub,you will not have a stress flare,you will remember all of us who support you and will come through the day with your head high.Mig
  • liesa
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    you will be in our thoughts and we will be with you to guide you through if only through thoughts alone, not an easy thing to do but a priviledge to be asked im sure, but you must think of yourself to,
    take it one step at a time and dont go overdoing things...
  • bubbadog
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    Hi Poppy, your in my thoughts and if you need to talk just private message me and we can have a chat. You sound like a strong person. So I feel you'll your get through this no problem and with a little help from your buddies here you'll do great. Should nickname you 'positive Poppy!' :smile:
  • jillyb1
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    Also thinking of you , Poppygirl , so difficult to hold it together at a time like this but it's better sometimes to let it out and weep rather than trying to be tough and stiff upper lipped . Take lots of care of You at the moment too . Jillyb
  • tkachev
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    Good luck with the enbrel Poppy. I do hope it works for you.

    It is an honour for your friend to ask you to do a reading. I know it won't be easy for you but that is a measure of your love for her little girl who died so young. It is much more comforting to know words come from the heart rather than from someone who didn't really know her at all. You will be a great comfort to her Mum.

    Best wishes
    Elizabeth x
  • dachshund
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    Hi Poppy.
    i will be there for you i know you will get though it alright
    because you will have the strength from everyone on this forum
    we will be wishing you well you take care and i'm sure your speech will be lovely.
    take care.
    joan xx
  • Poppyg1rl
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    Hi everyone,
    Huge thanks for your lovely messages of support and advice.
    Had a bit of a wobble yesterday and I was very low :oops: I've had to sort the booklets out for printing today which I did, afterwards I went down to little ones grave and had 'a chat' with her,asking for strength for her mum and me I know it sounds daft...but I felt much better after.
    I've spoken to my friend about you wonderful people and passed on your love and best wishes, she is very touched and grateful.
    I'm going to keep very busy between now and then, I'm hoping to tackle decorating the boys bedrooms :lol: OH has warned me not to take on too much, but he knows I'm better off busy, I can't think if I'm asleep right? :grin:
    Thanks again you are all so lovely and caring, I'm so grateful, take care all of you and I'll let u know how I get on. Xxx
  • valval
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    do not push your self to much you will bring on a flare rest as well as keeping buisy val
  • ironic
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    Hi Poppy,
    You have done so well getting things sorted and I am sure you will comfort each other through the day and will be able to remember and celebrate the little lass who brought you all the love and laughter into your lives.
    Please try and not to overdo things.
    Gentle hugs to you all,
    I x

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