Long suffering JIA veteran going through difficult time

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Hi all,

I'm a 36 year old teacher whose had JIA since I was 10 months old. Been through several joint replacements, operations, change of meds etc etc, so I'm very used to life with this unfortunate illness!

I'm usually a happy go lucky smiley person who never really complains but recently have been going through a tough time coping. Nothing really has changed, but I'm having a flare up currently (as well as having Ulcerative Colitis), a very bad hip which will probably need replacing within the next year and I just feel so fed up, alone, and struggling to cope with things I've always coped with. I live on my own now and family have moved away so I feel worried about the future for me and my independence. I don't feel I can really talk to my many wonderful friends and just needed a supportive reply or two to keep me going and get me through a very negative personal spell with people who can understand what this is like.

Any words of encouragement or similar stories would be gratefully received.

thanks to anyone who reads and replies .



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    Hello Sunshine75,

    I’m not a member of the Helpline Team, just an ordinary member of the forum but I wanted to welcome you, particularly as it’s Friday so you may have to wait longer than usual for an ‘official’ reply.

    You say so much in so few words. 36 years of arthritis from the age of 10 months. Overcome sufficiently to become a teacher. Replacement joints too. And not only that but also battling ulcerative colitis. Wow! I am impressed although I know you didn’t set out to impress, only to tell it how it is.

    It’s hardly surprising you feel down if you’re in the middle of a flare & have ulcerative colitis too. Mine’s RA – well, Still’s if we’re going to be precise. I can understand your worries about independence but I used to know a very inspirational lady, Jill Holroyd (Just google her name) who lived alone, with help, despite very severe arthritic limitations. It can be done.

    As for feeling alone – don’t. As long as there’s an AC forum, that need never happen. There are some lovely people on here, always willing to help and encourage. Try posting your thread on the Living With Arthritis forum and you’ll soon see what I mean. I wish you all the best.
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    thanks very much, I'll post this on 'Living with..' as well then.

    kind words much appreciated. xx
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    Hello Sunshine 75,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. You obviously know so much about managing your arthritis, and you sound tired out at the moment. Coping can be really hard at times - and I can really hear that this may be a little too solitary for you maybe?

    For a start you are very welcome to ring us if you'd like a chance to be listened to. Just because you may have very dear friends, they may not understand fully the arthritis side of your life. We might encourage you to mention it to them a bit more at some stage, but for now the important thing is that you get some support if you'd like it.

    Independence is not an all or nothing state - being superwoman or superman is now seen as slightly unrealistic - we all need a bit of support from time to time, in order to keep as independent as possible.

    If you are at a low ebb then the future may well seem a worry - you are allowed to consider getting some TLC.

    I do hope we can help

    all the best