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The skin of the middle joint of my middle finger feels sore to the touch my doctor says its osteoarthritis

Ive never heard of the skin actually beeing sore from that Any ideas


  • valval
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    is it red?? could be touch of inflimation in i,t try ibuprophen if you can take it??
  • scozzie
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    I have OA and sometimes the pain in my hands isn't in the joint, but in the tissue between them. So I suppose it is part of OA.
  • dreamdaisy
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    Your skin contains nerves, nerves are pain detectors/receptors, so the skin feels sore. That's my take on it anyway (but I am not a doc). I hope it eases soon. DD
  • tiggernut
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    Never heard of this, but are you sure it's the skin?
    I have sore knuckles but it's more a case of my skin is so stretched over the dformed joints and due to steriods vey thin so I think it's the joint that hurts and not the skin.
    But I don't really know, just an idea.
  • frogmorton
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    Hi Lotsof pain

    I tend to think l would try what Val suggests for a while and see if it helps????

    Whichever anti-inflammatory you are on.

    Hope it eases for you...just a could always check at the pharmacy??


    Toni xx
  • okidoki
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    hi, when i had my interview with the pain clinic that was one of the questions asked. do you get sore skin. answered yes and asked her why she asked that, the answer i got was we all get different types of pain. i am sure she said it was a type of nerve pain,(fibro fog dont help).
    i have OA IA and fibro. i get the sore skin feeling in arms legs back chest and the back of my hands. so it is a type of pain for you. hope this helps.

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