A better sick record but has had to leave.

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Mr DD has a few people who work for him, he has recently lost one of his better staff members (work-wise) due to galloping PA. She has had to leave as her health is now too severly compromised to carry on (the firm have done very well by her over the past few years, it is now just too much is all.) She has a far better sick record than one of her colleagues who is an utter feebling. Odd, isn't it? One falls apart over nothing and frequently so, the other doesn't fall apart, despite actually HAVING something, until the very last and resents giving in (as she sees it). DD
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    I would agree with this DD, if I didnt have RA, then I too would have one of the best sickness records at my place of work. But they class my sick leave with RA as sick so I have one of the worst. i stagger in, in pain, ill, etc and then theres people who have a sniffle and go sick. Its not right and not fair.

    However, we will never change the system, and well done to MR DD's staff member for sticking it out for so long. But at what cost to their health?

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    I agree completely.
    I have seen people take sick leave for no more that a heavy weekend partying.
    I can#t do that myself!
    I rest up and prepare for the week ahead.....some may say more fool me!

    But DD the lady should be commended.