Sorry I've been away!!

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Hi Guys & Girls! Sorry I've not been around I've been very poorly and was in hospital for nearly 4 weeks! Doctors still don't know the cause of a pain I have in my left side of tummy and I'm awaiting more tests to try and figure what it is but I got sick and tired of being prodded and poked and not getting answers that I asked if I could go home to rest, which the doctor agreed with! Then when I got home I sorted my pills out and found the doctors had increased my M.S.T to 160mg as well as 20mg of oro-morph every 2hrs I was a zombie sleeping days on end and hubby just woke me for tablets! So I spoke to one of my G.P's and she suggested dropping my dose of M.S.T to 130mg and stop the oro-morph unless needed but I forgot that I would go through cold turkey symptoms from dropping the amount of morphine so quick so that's what I have been dealing with for last week! But starting to feel human slowly again now so hope to be back and keeping updated on everyone in the next week fingers crossed!! So that's what has been going on with me!! :shock:


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    hi great to hear from you sorry you went through so much val
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    Hi Bubbadog

    Nice to see you again, sorry though that you have been away from forum because you have been so poorly.
    I hope you now your health continues to improve.
    Take care
    Juliepf x
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    Hi Bubba, good to have you back but my have you been through it. Hope you're feeling more like yourself now.

    How's the tummy pain?
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    Hi Bubba

    I'm so sorry to hear what a rough time you've been having. I hope that you will continue to feel better and that the pain will go away.

  • bubbadog
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    Thanks for all the nice messages, I'm starting to feel myself again now Guys & Girls so should start posting stuff again soon! :smile:
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    You have had a rough time haven't you? I am glad you are on the mend and it's nice to have you back. I wish you well. DD
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    Same here. Alanthemanc
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    Hey Bubby.....
    Sorry that you've had a tough time mi dear.
    That cold turkey is a beehatch.. I know, done it myself. Ask if you could try the fentanyl.patches, so much better for me than the morphine tabs.

    Good to have you back though hun.
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    Hi Amanda,

    Nice to see you again and hope the medic will sort that tummy thing out very soon fro you. Hope the pain is a bit less today as well. Cris x
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    Hi bubba
    Im so sorry you have had such a bad time, you must be so glad to be back in your own bed
    And its really good to have you back with us.
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    Hi Bubba,

    Nice to see you posting, sorry you not been too good..Hope they sort out your tummy out..
    You take care, hope you feel better soon..