Dad's Army Megathon

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After the sad passing of David Croft two days ago, I'm having a Dad's Army megathon (Dad's Army is only one of his series I have) in memory of him. Such a talented writer, producer and director.

He will be missed by fans worldwide.

RIP Major David Croft


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    David Croft was a wonderful co-writer and producer of classic comedies. As well as Dad's Army, he is credited with 'Allo 'Allo, Hi-de-Hi, It Ain't Half Hot Mum, and Are You Being Served? They were all brilliant, and still very funny today. Nowadays, they would probably be considered politically incorrect though so wouldn't be shown.

    Actor Melvyn Hayes told the BBC "There were no swear words in his shows. His programmes were the kind of thing you could sit in front of the TV and watch with your grandmother and grandchildren.'' There are hardly any comedy shows like that any more, which is sad.
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    Don't tell him Pike :lol:
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    So many catch phrases eg. ''Stupid boy'', ''Don't panic!'', ''Doomed, we're all doomed!'', "They don't like it up 'em".

    Great stuff :!: :grin:
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    My Danish friend adores them, us three sit there reading or chatting while she watches as we have seen them so many times. I think the 'Don't tell him Pike!' is the best line ever. Mr Croft was indeed a talented writer and he has left us some comedic gems: what a legacy. DD
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    CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!! They don't like it up'em :evil :evil