What a wacky day

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Well, todays been pretty mad, me and andy are slightly closer to getting a flat, I (yes me) had to fix MY DADS phone bill out (dunno why he doesnt wear his hearing aid lol), pain has been up n down like a yo yo, Andy seems more positive with things :), preparing for my brothers 30th tomorrow (taking him to the footy after college).

BTW, how normal would it be for BT to umph a phone bill up by £100 since last payment??????


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    Hi Pamie well talk about a wacky day you've also got a totally wacky post as you've got a spammer for your first reply!!!?, I'd beat that drum a little less loudly if I were you kid!!
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    Hi Pamie,

    If it was a teenager it would be more likely but as it is your dad I'd be more wary. Does he live alone? Does he have a lot of visitors who could be using his phone? If he gets itemised paper bills go through them carefully but I know many people have given up this option as you have to pay extra. But it may be worth switching back to this option so you can keep an eye on things for th future. In the meantime ask BT to have a look on your dad's behalf.

    Best wishes and good luck with the flat.

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    Good to hear your news about the flat , Pamie , wishing you and yours a very happy christmas . Jillyb