Hot hands

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Hi all,

I've another strange happening, this morning I woke, for the first time, to burning stiff hands - this affected both hands equally. My hands are rarely ever cold, but I don't recall them ever feeling this hot before and the stiffness took longer than usual to disapate. I have OA, is this a normal experience?

My next rheumy visit is in a fortnight's time so I'm gonna add that one to my list of Qs!



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    Oh scozzie, what the hell is 'normal' with this busniness? My hands are increasingly arthritic, I don't know which is affecting them but they don't feel hot: that could be due to the humira I inject for the PA which cured my 'hot' knees almost instantaneously. If they are too warm then soak them in a bowl of cool water or rest them on a wrapped bag of frozen peas. DD (mark them tho so you don't eat them!)
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    when my hands get like this run them under tap helps a bit warmth helps with stiffness but cold if swollen good luck hope it was one off val
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    Hot hands, feet and right knee. I have to cool them down and have cold paks in the fridge for when necessary.
    At night feet get so hot that i have to put them on cold floor.
    As far as im aware i dont have OA, did have PA but am one of those who are having their diagnosis questioned.

    Do mention to consult, it may be 'normal' for you.

    Take care