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hi every one have just found this site dont know how but I did am 21 and have been riddled with this arthritis for years and it is getting worse and worse I have fixed flexion deformity left arm OA right knee goose neck deformity left hand.

I take no meds as i can not be arsed with all the blood tests sitting in hospital for hours.

My doctor wants me to have total knee replacement, but I have said no cos the risks are to great.

it is good to see this site as i can come on here and moan as none of me mates understand and expect that I can walk for miles going from bar to bar on friday nite.

has any one had a knee op and was it proper painful afterwards, how long before you could walk


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    Hi Jordan

    Welcome to the forum. I am sorry that you have chosen to take no meds but that is your choice of course. It can make life easier if one does. I have had 2 TKR's two years apart and it is one of the best things that I could have done and I am very happy with them. After a TKR you are up and walking in the hospital the next day. Some people have no pain post op. We are all different. I did have pain post op but I had very good movement early on.Can't win them all :lol: It is a major operation and does take time to get over. Took about 9 months before I forgot all about it. You do have to be prepared to work at the exercises given by physio. As you say there are risks attached to having a TKR but there are risks attached to any operation. You will know when the time is right for you to go forward. At least your doc is offering you a new knee. Others on here would love to have a new knee but their consultant is not keen for whatever reason.

    This is a great place to call in for a rant, we do understand, where, as you say, family and friends often do not.

    Look after yourself,

    Elna x
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