HELLO im new here got fibromyalgia

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hiya im sue and im 44 years old (but feel like 90 some days lol )and new here just been told i have fibromyalgia ........ i'v had pains in my back for years but now its everywhere from neck down to feet :evil

i try to live a normal life but im finding it hard to do somethings i used to enjoy or even the day to day things like cooking and cleaning and i hate having to ask for help it makes me feel useless

any help would be of help

thanx xx :oops:


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    Hi Sue,

    I'm a newbie too! I have RA, but my mum has fibromyalgia, she is 54. She really suffers some days, she had to give up her job as a manager in retail. She is on pain medication, and she has also lately tried acupuncture which was suggested by her GP. People on here seem to be really helpful and friendly, so hopefully there is someone who can give you some tips/ideas. If you want me to ask my mum about anything let me know and I will :smile:
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    Hi Sue, I am a new member also suffering from Fibromyaliga and possible OA waiting for a firm diagonises. I have had fibro for over 8 years and it has made a huge impact on my life. I felt sorry for myself for nearly 2 years, looking for cures, looking for reasons why i had got this illness and I was concentrating on what i couldn't do anymore etc. I spent one weekend crying and then decided to fight it..yes i have an illness that limits me, but there is also alot of good stuff i can still do, it just meant i had to amend my life and educate the people in my life.

    Getting your family and friends to understand Fibro is the first battle, getting them to understand why last week you could go to the cinema but this week you can't, why you feel so tired after an activity that you did yesterday that didn't tire you out...once you have educated them and they understand then you are half way there. That way, you will get more help around the house..my hubby does all the main cleaning in our house, such as hoovering, cleaning windows etc..he also cooks most of our meals but i do things for him that i can do, that way he knows i appreciate him and respect him. Your friends will do things for you without you even having to ask them once they understand your condition..i went away for the weekend with my girlfriends many years ago and they all just took my suitcase off me, made sure i had a seat on the train, got taxis with me and made sure i was ok, all without me having to ask, as they knew i wouldnt ask!

    Accept you have an illness, but don't concentrate on it, if you think about it all the time and where you are feeling pain, it will consume you..acknowledge you are having a painful day, then take your pain dullers, rest up, amend your activity for that day.

    Look at ways you can still do things...if you child is appearing in a school play, sit at the back, that way you can stand up, sit down be in any position you feel comfortable in. If you are going out for a night out on a saturday night, make sure you rest all day and don't make plans for the sunday either, that way all your energy will be focused for a lovely saturday night out. Noise is a big thing for me, so i book a table in a restaurant away from speakers and in a quiet corner where other people talking will not give me a panic attack

    Feel free to pm me with any questions, I have had this a long time and have many fibro friends, all of who we have helped each other over the years

    ((( gentle hugs)))
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    Hi Sue I'm new too and recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia along with Psoriatic arthritis (Just to add to osteoarthritis! LOL)

    Well I've had pains for as long as I can remember mostly I Cope by laughing it off taking regular pain meds etc... I'm about lo Start on Methotrexate so will See how that goes

    Anyway anything I find helps I will post in case it helps others as well. On a positive note I do know Some get 'flare up' times and 'good' times -So I'm keeping everything Crossed for good luck! :lol: (well mentally anyways!)

    Hugs Sylvie
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    Hi Sue
    I too have FMS and RA (i am 44, 45 this month!) and have been coping for the past 7 -8 yrs. I now have TMJ in my jaw and pain is driving me mad, anyone any suggestions as i am now on new tablets (saw Prof Wray in Royal Hospital, Belfast) and i am fed up taking pain meds and feeling groggy and numb. Anyway i hope that you feel good soon and take care (())