Hello Im a newbie

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I have just come across this website, my 5yr old has been diagnosed with J.I.A and would like to meet/chat with other families that are dealing with the same situation.

Many thanks



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    Hi Maria

    Welcome to the forums from me. I am so sorry yo have had to join under such circumstances though.

    Here you will find a wealth of useful advice re pain management - how we all cope with arthritis, tips to solve problems etc

    There is another forum on this site especially for parents of children who also have arthritis - l don't know if you've seen it yet? I am sure they will help you enormously as well. As a parent of two kids myself one who has epilepsy and one hemiplegic migraine l know there is nothing like another parent to make you feel less alone.

    LOTS of love to you

    Toni xx
  • skezier
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    Hi Maria,

    Welcome to the forum from me as well though I am so sorry you have had this one drop on you. It must be so hard and horrible for you and well a cyber ((( ))) for you cus its hard.

    As Toni said they have a forum here for parents and they are a very supportive lot there as is the Living With if ever you need some support your self.

    I hope your little one is being helped as much as they can and again I am sorry this bomb shell has been dropped on you. Nice to meet you. Cris x