I know it's Thursday but . .

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It honestly doesn't feel like a Thursday, in fact all of the days of this week have felt skewed somehow. I'm used to losing the 'feel' of the days over the Christmas period but this seems to have kicked in too early. Are you finding the same or is it just me? DD


  • Turbogran
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    No DD i'm the same keep asking OH what day it is x:roll: x:roll: what are we like.
    also I sent a card to my eldest daughter and son in law with her name on the envelope and my youngest daughters name on the card. x:oops: x:oops:
  • valval
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    me to and i still work but i do not know why but it all a blur at moment have great christmas val
  • katknapp
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    I keep thinking its tuesday?? fortunatly i have a 5 year old who keeps asking what day is it and is it christmas yet,that i am managing to keep track :roll:

    my daughter has boobie trapped her stocking with a bell so she will hear father christmas,then she is going to ask for a sleigh ride :lol:
  • tkachev
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    I keep having to remind myself it is a Thursday. Everything is ready for Christmas so just counting down the days......only one parcel left to arrive!

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    Did some cooking with g/s today, we made the first lot of mince pies and some of the mincemeat got into the pies!
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    Not at all DD, I don't know if I am on this earth or Fullers, as for what day it is, only the phone knows what day it is and what we should be doing. Bless, t'is a shame. I always think it is Friday, well, I am not far off, for a change. a035.gif
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    bubbles it is well done you are spot on well 4 more hours then off till new year
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    I never know what day it is DD and even John said what are we having for Sunday dinner!!!
    I don't need my OH being as vacant as me.
    I thought it was the meds....at least I had that excuse. I thought it was Friday today...oh it is......