Does DLA only last 2 years?

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Hi all,
I have just applied for the third time for DLA. Two times before I got it for two years and I was wondering whether any of you ever got it for longer than that? It's not like I am getting any better so I don't know why they don't just give it for 4 or 5 years so I don't have to fill out that horrible form again and again. Or maybe it's just me getting it for 2 years every time.

Hope you all have a great New Year filled with lots of happiness and without pain.


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    I've had the highest rate of mobility and care for over 15 years now , my acceptance was marked - indefinite term . I don't know how they figure out the allocation of DLA , but don't be downhearted by the whole complicated process ; keep filling out the forms ! No doubt when the systems change in a year or so , I'll have to deal with all the long winded forms again too . Jillyb
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    I get high rate mobility and low rate living. I have it for life.
    Having said that when I first got mobility I was given it for 1 year then I had to go back to a different Dr for another examination and got it for another year, then another examination with the first Dr I saw who said "I can't believe they are making you go through this again" That time I got it for life. That was 20 odd years ago.
    It was a few years later I applied for the living part and got that straight away for life.(That is unless the goverment take it away!!)
    Good luck and happy New Year,
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    It has taken about 4 years and a lot of battling to and fro, but now I have both components on an indefinite basis, before that it was a year, or two years at a time, with repeated form filling and very angry Consultants and GP's. Not sure if indefinite means, for life, we will see. A dissability / illness that is progressive and long term, should mean granting an award for life.
    You take care too, happy new year, X Bubbles
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    mine says on it for life
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    I got my granted for 21 years from birth to 21 years.

    Then my medical history changed and the reason why I got it before hand was not there but arthritis was.

    I now have it for 10 years, when I am 31 years, I will have to apply again. At the moment I only have the care side to it. Maybe when I am 31 years old, I will need more help, I dont know.
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    They want to reveiw us and for NONE of us to be on lifetime awards. There used to be such a term for those who were born with a severe disability for example, but the benefits agency do not want us on it without reveiw.

    Indefinite is the term they use now when it is obvious to them that things will get no better, but of coures they can still reveiw that if they choose can't they?

    I have to agree with Del - photocopy your forms so it makes the completion of the each time slightly easier.


    toni xx
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    Thank you all for your posts and kind words.
    I am still waiting for my reply. This is my third form and the ones before were both for two years and the award was higher mobility and medium care, which I think is adequate. I do keep copies of the previous ones as it makes it easier to apply again. But it takes me 1-2 weeks to do as there is so much to write and my hands hurt so I can't do much at once. I just wish they would give me a break and awarded more than 2 years. Like I said before it's not like I'm getting any better.
    Keep well,
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    Hi I was awarded it 2 years the first time and 2nd time round indefinate, Im on Higher mobility and middle care.
    Good luck
    Theresa x

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