Aftercare for steroid injections in the knee

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I would really welcome any advice on how long I need to stay off my knee after a steroid injection? I had my first one today and have been told to keep the weight off that knee for at least a week- I've been placed under house arrest- hehe! Can anyone tell me if this is necessary?
Many thanks.


  • CJHunter
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    Do as you are told!! :smile:
    Well for the first 48hrs at least. Rest, raise and more rest.
    That is is you want it to work :roll:
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  • dangermouse61
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    Thank you so much for your reply! I will do as I'm told-hehe! Just thought it seemed a bit extreme but thanks for your advice-it's much appreciated! :P
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    Well dangermouse I think you've just been told!

    So are you available for contract work cjhunter? For when we have someone who 'needs telling'. :D

    Rest up dangermouse whilst you can!

    Best wishes all

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    i just had my knee drained and steroid injected yesterday. ive always been advised to give it 2 days non weight bearing. i cant fully weight bear using crutches due to arthritic wrists so its a catch 22.
    the main reason to rest is every time to put your body weight on your knee it spreads the steroid away from the affected area so as much rest as possible is the best medicine.
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    use ice wrapped in towel if it gets painfull and yes rest for couple of days if you can give it a chance to work val
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    I was told to take it easy for a couple of days.

    On the net is says, rest the joint for about 24 hours.
    Avoid excessive movement or stress on the joint for about one week.

    Sounds like you have to do as you have been told. :wink:

    Elna x
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