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Another query! I've got a bulging disc in my neck which is the reason why I get numbness in my arms, hands and thumbs. I get pins 'n' needles too.

Lately though I've been getting a different sensation. I notice it more when I'm trying to get a wee nap during the day. Because of pain in elbows and hands, I usually lie with arms down straight. My hands feel like they're burning and get swollen, then they go numb :shock: Don't know if it's linked to the disc thing OR is it common in RA to get this feeling?

Any ideas?

Magenta x


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    hi can not help but sounds awfull if it not one thing it another val
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    I get a burning sensation in the joints of elbows, wrists, fingers etc. sometimes it's like a pins and needles feeling.. I can't say that they swell too much, it's mainly fingers that puff up a bit.I've been diagnosed with sero-negative arthur in the above joints, plus golfers elbow..
    I have to sleep on my side with the bolster between knees but I usually have to have arms outstretched, with a cushion between them if that makes sense..?

    Sorry you're suffering with this. Tis not fun mi dear :wink:
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    Sorry cant really help you but it sounds most uncomfortrable
    Sending you (((((())))))

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    It's very annoying. It keeps me awake and when I get up my hands are numb, as if the circulation has been cut off. That make sense?


    Magenta x