One Month On

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Well, one month on from my steriod injection into the knee and I am still doing okay. I managed a 2.5mile walk on Saturday for the first time in ages (flat ofcourse).

I am now used to taking Meth by injection (even though I don't like it) but I have noticed that a few hours after taking in the injection I suffer from severe fatuige. But the next day I am fine. I am going to try and take it just before I go to bed and see if that makes a difference.

Injections are working fine, no more yuckyness and no more hair falling out.

Got an appointment with the Rhumey Nurse in 3 weeks, so will see what the next course of action is but I am hoping to stay on the injections.


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    Sounds like the injection has helped the knees, just dont be overdoing it lol..

    Cant help with the meth injections but i am sure you will find what suits you best.

    Wish you well and i hope things go ok with Rheummy news..

    Take care.x
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    Wow! 2.5 miles! Well done to you, that is great news. I do my humira before bed, just in case of any trouble and so far, so good (inasmuch as there hasn't been). I also sometimes get very tired after the meth, normally when I have them both in the same week, so I must remember to do that in the evening too (my tiredness happens about 24 hours after the injection). Good luck with it all, I hope things continue to get better. DD
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    Glad that things are going well mi dear...
    2.5 miles is excellent.. :D
    Well done with the injections too, really happy to hear you are getting on well with them.

    Best wishes :D
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    Hi Debra
    That is really good news, Im so glad the injection has worked for you, each person is so different.
    You are doing really well, just build up slowly so that you dont overdo things.
    And good luck with the meths xxx
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    Hi Debrakelly

    This is good news. :D I am really pleased for you and well done for walking so far, you must feel proud of yourself :)
    I wish you well for your next rummy appointment.
    Love Juliepf x
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    Hi Debra glad to hear your monthly report and made up for you that things are going well
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    Wow 2.5 miles :shock: thats fantastic. Its really encouraging to hear that things are going so well. Its gives me hope. :D