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Hi all,
I'm 50 (how did that happen!! :lol: ) I have had OA in my hands and knees since my 20's but was manageable. Now over the last year I have developed it in my hips, toes, shoulders & elbows so having to learn to adapt more. Currently on meloxicam 15mg & Co-codomals.
I work fulltime but starting to struggle now.

I look forward to chatting to those who understand wot it's like having Arthur living with u!!


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    50? Thou art indeed a mere child, I will be 53 very soon. :shock: I'm sure there's some form of mis-counting somewhere! :)

    Hello blueskies, it's lovely to meet you and I am glad you have found us. There are all sorts of arthritics on here, I have an immune-system based one which has led in turn to OA of the knees and ankles, so I can empathise with you. It's tough sometimes, isn't it? And certainly NOT FUN. I have 38 affected joints in total, but the OA pain is bt far the worst of the two as the meds are smothering the other one (for the most part). I used to work, in fact I still do but not really in a form that most would recognise as such! I am a self-employed tutor and see one or two pupils every day. Today is a one-lesson day, thank heavens. I am very tired and don't want to but . . . . . I will not give in. And I need the money! :) Haev a look round and I hope to see your name here and there - don't be afraid to join in on any conversation that takes your fancy. I wish you well. DD
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    hi im 16 and know how you feel, i possibly have RA in my knees as i currently have it in my ankles and right wrist. hope you feel okay and that your not in any pain.

    elisha xxxxxx
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    Hi Blueskies

    l love your username :)

    Like a few on here you got your OA very young...l had back issues from my 20's too and have added inflammatory to the mix more recently!

    l hope you will enjoy the forums as much as l do.


    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx