Change in weather pressure

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Hello all,

hope everyone is feeling not too bad after the weather we had lately. My question is, does anyone else get pain when we have a major change in air/weather pressure? I usually ache in some joints when it's going to rain, but as it's supposed to be warming up quite a lot this week (high pressure) after having very cold weather (low pressure) I'm wondering if that is why I'm in so much pain tonight. It's not like usual pain or flare up pain, it just feels like having a throbbing headache all over, especially my lower back, hips and legs. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary or unusual to explain why this has happened. I'm using my heat pad which is helping to a certain extent, but I have to keep moving it about, painkillers are only just taking the edge off. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions I'd be very grateful. I just hope tomorrow is a better day.

Sue x


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    Hi , Sue , Differing air pressures definitely have a noticeable effect on my joints . Over the years my hubby has noted this and recently bought a barometer to check it out ! Rest up and keep using the hot and cold pads to ease it . Jillyb
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    Hi Sue, in answer to your question YES
    i def notice changes with pressure. its a real pain. Hope u ease soon.xx
    Clare xxeyeore-1.jpg
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    Cant say I've noticed :? Cold weather and rainy weather really affect me.
    Occasionally humidity {when do we get that :lol: } does but generally no ....its just bad weather that makes me worse
    You seem to be doing all the things i can think of doing if it was me
    Sending (((((()))))

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    Morning all,

    Feeling better today, but only because I took tramadol (in desperation).Don't like taking it because it upsets my digestive system and I don't like the withdrawal side effects you get when you stop taking it. Seeing doc next week, get blood test results, might be a flare up, hey ho, onwards and upwards. :roll: :)
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    Weather affects my mood and joints, People find my ability to tell the weather uncanny, easy really
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    Hi Sue
    Glad you are feeling a bit better today

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    Hi Sue, certain types of weather seems to effect me in different ways, like low pressure effecting certain joints and high pressure effecting other joints. If there is a storm coming or heavy rain sometimes I get a migraine. It's a little crazy how it does it!
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    Yes the weather affects my joints particularly when its damp and cold. I can usually tell when its going to snow too.
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    the weather affects my joints and in summer they dont hurt but in winter and cold, damp weather i can get a lot of pain. i cant wait for summer. i also get sick a lot or headaches

    elisha xxx
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    Before I had my new hip I used to know when it was going to rain as it seemed to be more painful.As for other changes It can vary here from 44 C in summer to -7C in winter Never felt any different
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    I can tell the difference too in the weather changes, in fact I can tell the family when they need their wet weather gear or their thermals. :wink:

    I am always much better in the lovely warm dry weather so roll on a decent summer this year. 8)
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    The change in pressure never affected the PsA but it certainly does the OA. This has been the most painful winter to date in my arthritic progress through life. DD
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    I've never found the weather affects my Arthritis at all but know lots of people that it does seem to.
    I'm just very happy :D when the suns out..
    Our worst times are always our best lessons.
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    Hi nanasue....yes...i have RA and have noticed a very strong link with pressure changes...high to low or low to high either way ....when its stable so am i...

    hope you feel better soon... :) jaja
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    I am a human barometer. I can feel the pressure in my joints (whole body aches, actually) when weather is changing, or if there is lingering pressure in the air.

    Friends always say, "You must feel so much better when it is sunny!". They don't understand when I say otherwise - probably think I am just moaning.

    I have learned to appreciate the rain as I usually feel better when it comes!